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Five Biggest Film Distribution Companies In Nigeria (2020)

Film distribution is very crucial to the success of any movie. Also, film promotion is very essential because it facilitates the successful distribution of a movie. No matter how popular the actors are, how expensive the production is, how much huge budget was spent on location and such other factors, poor promoting and distribution would definitely create room for huge loss by the film producers. Now you have seen how crucial film promotion and distribution companies are in the film industry.

Film promotion ensures high revenue on a feature film since it facilitates successful film distribution. In order words, there is no successful film distribution without film promotion. The quality of the film, target audience, reputation of the director, stars in the film and other elements all help in making distribution succesful.

Very good films are first marketed to cinemas before other outlets. It is generally a film’s performance in this first window (Theater/Cinema) that determines its value in other windows (DVD, Pay TV, VOD).

In Nigeria, a film maker who is looking at releasing his/her movies via the cinema, engages a film distributor for the sole purpose of distributing the film. A film distributed must be licensed and approved by the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) before it can commence operation.

In Nigeria, there are several film promotion and distribution companies scattered across the nation. Some have actually distinguished themselves marketing huge budget movies successfully to cinemas and other marketing companies. Here is a list of the top five film distribution companies in Nigeria you can work with. This list packaged by nollyconnect is presented here in no particular order.

FilmOne Distribution

FilmOne is one of the foremost independent distributor of films in Nigeria. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, FilmOne distributes a wide-range of mainstream, commercial pictures including international and indigenous titles.

The company has distributed some of the highest grossing movies such as, The Wedding Party, A Trip to Jamaica, 10 Days in Sun City, Fifty, Okafor’s Law, ’76 and a host of others.

In recent years, FilmOne has also gone into film production and collaboration with artistes, some of whose films have made ‘’impressive’’ box office sales.

In 2015, the company signed an agreement with 20th Century Fox, the world’s largest producers and distributors of motion pictures. This agreement was to release such titles as Independence Day: Resurgence, Ice Age: Collision Course, as well as The Birth of a Nation from the Studio’s Fox Searchlight Pictures division and Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls.

Blue Pictures Film Distribution

Founded in 2006, Blue Pictures Film Distribution in partnership with Crimson Multimedia Nairobi (Top Notch Distribution Company based in Kenya) has been responsible for distributing many blockbuster Nollywood and Hollywood movies such as-Avatar, X-MEN, The Return of Jenifa, Mirror Boy, Roti, Lotanna, etc.

Blue pictures also acts as Sub distribution Consultant to the major studios like Walt Disney and Warner Bros.

Silverbird Film Distribution

Silverbird Film Distribution is an independent Film Distributor of theatrical and non-theatrical films. Established in July 2007. One of the major edge this company has over the other distributors is the ability to publicise movies through their numerous media outlets such as-Silverbird Televesion, Rhythm FM radio station and the largest West African cinema chain, the Silverbird Cinemas with 69 screens.

Genesis Deluxe Film Distribution

Geneis Deluxe cinemas also has a film distribution arm which distributes a few Hollywood and Nollywood movies. Over the years they have also distributed a number of Nollywood and Hollywood blockbuster movies. This company distributed the following Nollywood movies- Sunday & Lolade, Desecration, Slow Country, Stormy Hearts, Hakkunde, Mentally, and What Lies Within.

Metro Classic Pictures Ltd.

Metro Classic is a licensed distributor of feature theatrical films and they are located in Lagos, Nigeria. They also distribute top African feature films to cinemas in Anglophone countries and also acquire multiple rights across renowned independent studios as well as collaborate with distribution companies.

Metro Classic distributed Nollywood movies such as A star in Heaven, Spouses Secrets, Sand Castle, Return of the Don, Dognapped and Bridge of No Return. This is actually one of the leading film distribution companies in Nigeria.

Source: Nollyconnect

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