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Five basic difference between internet advertising and other forms of mass media advertising

Advertisers are interested in channels that help them reach their target audience with near accuracy. At least, let there be chances of reaching those who might be willing to purchase the advertised product. This is why the mass media are very essential and well sought-after by advertisers. The internet is a mass medium, together with radio, television, billboards, newspapers, and magazines. But the internet has unique qualities as an advert channel which gives it an edge over other mass media forms. The other mass media forms also have their advantages over the internet. An advertiser needs to understand the dynamics of these mass media forms before deciding on which one to choose. Business owners decide whether to use Internet advertising or other mass media in product advertising. These two options are good advertising channels but one may be a better option to consider for your particular business model and sales methods. Here are the basic differences between choosing internet or other mass media forms in advertising a product or idea. The ideas presented here were compiled by Luke Arthur and first posted on Smallbusiness.Chron.

General vs. Targeted

This has to do with specificity in reaching the target audience. One of the differences between mass marketing and Internet marketing is the level of specificity that advertisers are able to achieve. With mass marketing, advertisers typically send out a message to a large audience all at once. This results in some wasted resources, as many people see the ad who are not interested in it. With online advertising, it is possible to zero in on a specific audience. For example, with search engine ads, your ad is only shown when someone types in a specific keyword.


The budget required to accomplish advertising task is different for online advertising and advertising through other mass media forms. With mass media, you typically need a larger budget to get started. For example, you might have to spend thousands of dollars to start a mass media ad campaign. By comparison, with an online campaign, you could realistically get started with any amount of money. You could potentially start a search engine advertising campaign for as little as $5 as of the date of publication.

Return on Investment Tracking

When you put money into advertising, you want to know you are getting the most bang for your buck. When you use a mass media campaign, it can be difficult to measure your return on investment. For example, when you put out a television commercial, you may not be sure if sales are increasing directly because of the ad or for other factors. With online ads, it is simple to track when someone clicks on an ad and then makes a purchase. This shows you exactly what you are getting for the money you are investing.


While online advertising does have some specific advantages over traditional mass media, many businesses still rely on mass media to get the job done. This is because it is sometimes more effective at creating a brand image. Online behaviors are not the same as they are while watching a TV show or listening to the radio. Because of this, they produce different results. Many businesses should use a combination of both types of advertising for best results.


The two forms of advertising discussed here (internet and other mass media forms) are both good in achieving advertising goals. But understanding how they both work is also good for informed decision making in advert campaign planning and implementation.


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