Tuesday , May 30 2023

“First Class Graduates Work For Me,” Says Lady With Third Class Degree

A young lady is currently trending on social media for her daring but inspirational revelation of how she graduated with a third class degree but employs people with First Class Degree. The lady who is a successful entrepreneur says she has never worked with her certificate.

The Nigerian Lady took to social media to explain how she employs First Class graduates to work for her while she pays them handsomely, stating clearly that she is a Third Class graduate and how her certificate is useless and she doesn’t need it and had never used it.

She said, “I graduated with 3rd class. I employ people with 1st class and pay salaries. I earn what people with 1st class can’t even imagine earning. I have influence that 1st class people leverage on to help facilitate their wants. I’ve never used the 3rd class cert for anything above”.

She advises students; “Apparently some people are triggered by this tweet bcs they couldn’t comprehend the English. To break it down, your class of degree or certificate doesn’t determine your success in life. You can graduate with 1st class and be the most successful person on earth or vice versa.

I used to think 3rd class was the end of the world but look where I’m at in life. My class of degree motivated me to be better. I graduated top of my class in software development and again, the certificate didn’t do anything with respect to getting a job”.

The woman’s inspirational revelation is being commended by social media users.

Source: newsbroadcast

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