Tuesday , January 31 2023

First Bank Owerri Leads Early Fight Against Coronavirus Spread As Security Men Offer Hand Sanitizer to Customers (Video)

As the dreaded Covid19 virus which continues to spread across the world, makes entry into Lagos and Ogun States in Nigeria, some establishments are not waiting for the virus to get to their state before taking precautions.

The coronavirus is not yet in Owerri but First Bank is already leading an early fight to prevent the spread of the disease in the state, at least not in their bank premises.

A security man was spotted at First Bank office in Ikenegbu, Owerri, putting drops of hand sanitizer on the hands of customers as they walked into the premises of the bank for transactions. This is a welcome development especially in preventing spread of the virus through surfaces at ATM machines or other areas in the bank.

First Bank did not wait for the arrival of the coronavirus before taking relevant measure.

At Fidelity bank Ikenegbu for instance, people were seen walking in and out of the bank without any one at the gate holding any hand sanitizer for them to use. Probably it’s not their style at the Bank. May be they want to wait for the coronavirus to arrive first before taking any measures at the entrance to the bank.

First Bank Owerri decided to be proactive while other banks are waiting to be reactive.

Kudos to First Bank, Owerri.

Watch video:


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