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Final Year RSU Student Who Disappeared After Leaving a Suicide post Has Been Found alive

The final year student of the Rivers State University (RSU) , Kpagane Desire, who was declared missing after she posted a suicide note online, has been found.

Before Desire disappeared on Wednesday, June 26, she posted on Facebook that she was going to kill herself and her ‘flesh’ should be fed to a lecturer at the University.
According to her cousin, she dropped her phone at home and disappeared.

After moments of panick, Miss Kpagane has been found. Here’s what her cousin write after she was found;

ATTENTION! Thank you all for your earnest prayer. She came back in peace. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for your prayers. For the snitches that are here to monitor comments to send to the lecturer, this is my message. When God places you in any position above someone, don’t take it as an opportunity to oppress others. Stones thrown up always come down and chances are the stones will land on you. Lecturers come to class and address students as if they were some piece of shit, as if human beings are not their parents simply because you feel you own your students future. RSU as an institution, it is high time you talked to your lecturers to act human. Some really try, while others………The other day my roommates were discussing how a lecturer came to class and said “some of you deserve to be in the grave.” Well my sister is back. For one thing she is not going to do anyone the honor to rejoice over her fall. They will live to see her grow. To the fake friends who were hanging around to see her found corpse, sorry dear for the bad news. Once again, thank you all for your love, care and concern. Depression is real, and people are going through hell. try not to be an additional pain in someone else’s life. Signed: Her sister.


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    Nawaoo some things really need to be addressed.. Thank God she didn’t kill herself.

  2. Okeke Chioma Onyinye

    Thank God she came back alive.But some lecturers really know how to make some students feel less of themselves which is bad

  3. Thank God she’s safe and sound.

  4. Depression is really real…thank God she was found alive

  5. I’m glad she’s okay
    And not dead

    Thanks be to God

  6. Yes oooo!!!

    The devil is a liar

  7. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    We Thank God she’s alive. Suicide is never the answer

  8. Ebulue Ruth Oluchi

    Thank God she is safe

  9. This is what is happening in our day to day lives as students….some of us go through hell as a result of some evil and very wicked lecturers who thinks its gonna end within the four walls of the university… Some of them forget that some of this students they treat scornfully may come from opulent family who can actually help them in one way or the other in the nearest future

    Thank Goodness she’s fine

  10. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Thank God she was found
    Say No to Suicide

  11. Igwe Emmanuella

    Thank God she made it….

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