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Film Production and Societal Development by Adeline Nkwam-Uwaoma and Dike Mba Onu

Title: Film Production and Societal Development

Authors: Adeline Nkwam-Uwaoma and Dike Mba Onu

Year of Publication: 2018

Pages: 348

Brief Info:

This book is an exciting trip through the world of film production and dynamics of cinematography. This is a technical area you rarely find good books written by Nigerian authors. Here is a text written in simple language which breaks down the concepts of film, cinematography, and related topics, in addition to providing a concise explanation of the interface between the Nigeria’s film industry and the society. It is structured as a very good teaching and learning manual which lecturers and students, including those in other disciplines who want to learn about film production can utilize.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Film
  2. The History and Development of Cinematography
  3. Theories of Film
  4. Film as a Medium of Communication
  5. The Film Industry in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
  6. The Impact of Film in National Development
  7. Classification of Film
  8. Film Form and Style
  9. Film Aesthetics
  10. Stages of Film Production and Rehearsals
  11. Script Production
  12. Film Production Personnel
  13. Documentary Films
  14. The Movie Camera
  15. Visual Production Elements
  16. Lighting Techniques in Film Production
  17. Sound Elements in Film Production
  18. Film Editing
  19. Film Distribution

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