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FG Warned Against Offloading Married N-Power Beneficiaries without Exit Plan

As the Federal Government has concluded plans to sack two batches of N-Power beneficiaries, a social commentator has warned against that plan in view of the devastating effect it will have on the economy.

The social commentator identified as Comrade M.K Soron Dinki took to his Facebook page to provide analysis of how the federal government’s plan is not going to augur well to the nation’s economy in the long run, especially as it will affect the micro-economy involving many married who are beneficiaries of the N-Power programme.

Read the Facebook post below:

To FGN, Don’t Congest Labour Market With Married Npower Beneficiaries Who Feed Their Families With Their Stipends.

Comrade M.K Soron Dinki

It’s amazing to employ 500 thousand youths. For sure, it’s a good pride to Africa not only Nigeria. Because it’s an economic response that we normally read about when we read about European and American economic policies. Nigeria has done well. And we’re very grateful for that.

The aim of Npower programme is to equip the unemployed youths with skills for self-reliance. That’s the initial plan. But so many factors may destroy the target objectives of the scheme. For instance, during the inception of the N-SIP, Nigeria was faced with economic challenges. Inflation was endemic. The cost of living has been very high.

Actually, as for unmarried persons for instance, in such a dire economic circumstance, it’s not easy to save for a self-reliant life, out of the 30k given to beneficiaries. Though, I’m political scientist by academic training, thus, I request for the involvement of graduates of economics and applied mathematics in order to help me budget 30k for a month.


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Under normal circumstance, we eat trice a day, by assumption, in an average life, we expect a well grown unmarried adult to spend 250 per meal, which occurs 3 times a day. Mathematically, 250 x 3 = 750 per day, 750 × 30 = 22500 per month. If you minus 22500 out of 30,000, you have the remaining of 7500.

The remaining change of 7500 will be budgeted for daily transport, clothing, recharge card & data, laundry, visitation, and beyond. How much should be saved despite the budget deficit? Sequel to that, In this noble coronavirus pandemic. Just recently, Nigerian government said, 20 million Nigerians may lose their jobs. So, if that is the case, the little businesses established by Npower volunteers maybe affected by assumption.

I advise federal government to critically plan for these beneficiaries for popular progress.

God bless Nigeria.


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