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Feature Writing Syllabus for Nigerian Universities


Faculty: Communication and Media Studies  Department: Journalism & Media Studies

Course Code: MAC 201                                         Unit(s): 2               Semester: First

Course Title: Feature Writing

Lecturer:                                                       Programme: B.Sc.



This course is designed to train students to have an in-depth understanding of feature article writing. It provides practical and informative knowledge on feature writing concepts, types, techniques and approaches, including how to write featurized reports for various media. It is a practical course structured to enable students to become proficient in preparing a publishable feature articles. Emphasis is on writing, analysing and marketing feature articles for offline and online newspapers and magazines. Students will also receive basic training on subject research, investigation of editorial needs, ethical and legal problems and manuscript preparation. It further provides distinctive features of good feature writing and basic steps in investigative reporting required in writing a rich feature story.


By the end of this course, students will have learned:

  1. Meaning of basic concepts in Feature writing and magazine reporting.
  2. The difference between news stories and features
  3. Structure and contents of features
  4. How to write features
  5. The different types of features
  6. Writing featurized stories for various media (online and offline media)


  1. Lectures
  2. Quizzes
  3. Assignments
  4. Practical Classroom Sessions


1. Introduction

Definition of concepts (Feature Story, Magazine reporting)

Why journalists write feature stories

Difference between feature stories and straight news reports

Characteristics of a feature story

The importance of proper reporting and research in constructing solid features

2. Types of Feature Stories




Personal experience

Human interest

Direct Address


Special event


3. Approaches to Feature Story Writing


Direct address

Hour glass


4. Sources of Ideas for Feature Stories

The Media


Topical issues

5. Structure of a Feature Story

The head (Caption)

The Neck (Lead)

The Body (main story content)

7. Writing a Feature Story: Basic Steps

Choosing a topic

Preliminary research

Collating materials


Writing the story

Crosschecking fact

Effective writing: color, details, anecdotes, improving quotes; leads and story beginnings.

8. Investigative Reporting for Writing Features

What is investigative reporting?

Basic steps in Investigative reporting

Investigative interviewing

Terrains of Investigative reporting

Relevance of investigative reporting skills to Feature Writing

9. Interviewing For Feature Story Writing

Definition of Interviewing

Kinds of Interviewing

Relevance of Interviewing in Feature Story Writing

Interviewing Techniques

Using Interviews in a Feature Story

Writing the Personality Profile from an interview

10. Class activities and Assignments



Pape, S. & Featherstone, S. (2008). Feature Writing: A Practical Introduction. London: SAGE Publications.

Nwabueze, C. (2014). The Art of Investigative Reporting: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition). Owerri: Topshelve.



The Secret To Writing Stronger Feature Articles

Writing a Feature Story! Beginner’s Guide


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