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Fast and Furious! Man Proposes 5 Days After Meeting a Lady for the First Time and She Says Yes (Photos)

This Nigerian couple have done what people see as only possible in Hollywood movie.
The couple have proved that love at first sight is not a fairytale. The couple’s beautiful love story of how the man met and proposed to the woman just five days after meeting will motivate many people.
On the the 9th of May 2016, they were complete strangers, fast forward to the 15th of May, 2016, they got engaged and on the 9th of September, 2017, they got married.
Raquel and Seun Daniel shared their inspiring story and wrote:
“Yes, I recently married my Best friend. But much more than excitement, what I’ve been taught during this (what felt like an eternity of single) season is that God is INTENTIONAL about every single detail in our lives. If we’re connected and in alignment with what HE is doing, we won’t miss His voice when He speaks.

God brought this amazing human into my life when I wasn’t even ready. I could have missed it, I almost didn’t see it. It was too fast and he was too real to be true. Thankfully, when I met him, I recognised him-Spirit to Spirit.

It only took me a few hours from the airport departure lounge to the plane to decide I wanted us to be friends. In three days I knew deep in my heart, you’re here to stay. After five days you decided you wanted more than friendship. Was I scared? Absolutely!

You don’t meet some stranger and in five days agree to marry them but you were sure it was me you’ve been actively searching for. Beyond possessing every single thing on my list for a choice of a spouse, you came with extras I knew ONLY my Father could give me.

I said “if we’re doing this, know that we’re going to have to wait until marriage” you said “lets raise the bar, we’re not going to kiss before marriage”. Your response that day in Kigali was a confirmation that you just had to be him.
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  1. Wow..the God u serve never disappoints..happy marry ur husband..may d spirit of God abide wit u two

  2. Can’t believe this, in Igbo language, “ka o dika onye kpoba, o dika onye rebe”

  3. Sure I believe in first sight love, eventhough in every situation in life we should put God first and pray about it, because it’s a life time situation.

  4. Who does dat….I mean I have to know the worst in you before I can marry……Dat is to show you how intoto I can go to know someone before marrying the person.

  5. Getting married is not the problem, staying married is the problem.

  6. God has alreadly joined them together as husband and wife before they meet each other

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