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Fart of Love! Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph Says Her True Love Will Be a Man She Can Fart in His Presence; Read What she says the Man’s Response Should be . . .

Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph was recently interviewed by Daily Sun on the issue of marriage. She actually opened up during the interview on why she is not in a hurry to settle down and how she doesn’t mind becoming pregnant outside wedlock.

But what is trending about the interview is her definition of love. She describes true love as when she farts ‘puzuayii!!!’ in front of a man and the man says, “Well Done Princess.” It than means the man truly loves her. Read what she said:

On her kind of man,she said;

“My kind of man must be spirit filled. He must fear Jehovah God. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a man that loves God. He must also make me laugh a lot; charming good sense of humour. My husband must be a power dresser, smells nice. I don’t like loud men. I don’t like a man that picks or blows their nose anyhow, especially in the public.
“I love a man that I can fart in his presence and he will tell me ‘well done princess’. He can fart in my presence too, no problem. I don’t do cinemas; I prefer to stay indoors with my man. After all, I have television at home; all I have to do is to buy popcorn and Fanta, then off the light and enjoy the moment with my man.”

You see, she said the man must fear God and be spirit-filled and at the same time be waiting to listen to her fart so he can recognize her as a princess.

She even says the man can fart in her presence too. What if she marries a man who eats five cups of beans and water melon every night and finishes 20 wall nuts (ukpa) in five minutes, can he also fart in front of her and it wouldn’t matter (if she survives)?

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Please what kind of love is this?


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  1. hepolite ohazulike

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    Awesome write up…

  3. Haha! Or someone who eats Okpa of 500 naira and enjoys licking Ogiri.

    Love of Farts!

  4. anyamene nnamdi esq

    does it mean you have not come across any man that has all this you listed?? LAIR or do you want to taste another d**k ?…..

  5. Fartiologist….lol. Continue!

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