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Fantastic Two! Meet COOU Graduates Who Own Two Most Popular Law Blogs In Nigeria

They can only be described as superb amazons! We present to you “The Fantastic Two”! These two ladies are excellent conquerors in the rugged environment of blogging, especially in the specialized law news reporting enclave. Chioma Unini and Bridget Edokwe graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2010. While their colleagues went into law practice, they decided to follow their passion for newsgathering and reporting which has made them household names in Nigeria’s legal environment today. They are not just lawyers, but ‘Blogyers’ (read full story to find out what this new concept means). Ask any modern Nigerian lawyer about these two blogs – The Nigeria Lawyer and BarristerNG. You just have to read this story about these two top amazons currently making COOU proud nationally and internationally. Find out about their blogs and what inspired them into blogging. How can you miss reading this?

Chioma Kate Unini, Founder of The Nigeria Lawyer Blog! Special Breed In The Legal Environment

Chioma Kate Unini is one pretty lawyer that could be described as a special breed who does not stop until she conquers a new territory. She is enthusiastic, professional, with a fantastic flare for blogging which has seen her climb to the topmost position in the food chain of law blogging in Nigeria. After she was called to bar in 2012, Chioma worked in various capacities for some time until she discovered a gap that needed to be filled in Nigeria’s legal environment. “I noticed that if young lawyers wanted information on any law issue, they don’t easily find materials online. You won’t find anything to write on except you look for textbooks. So I saw the need for an online platform that will empower lawyers with information that will facilitate the smooth practice of their profession. I decided to start this blog,” she told Massmediang in an interview.

This was how The Nigeria Lawyer came up first as an idea before becoming a reality. Today, is among the top leading Law blogs in Nigeria. Ask any lawyer around and you’ll get a quick confirmation of this fact.

Chioma graduated from the Faculty of law, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2010. After her NYSC she obtained an executive Masters Certificate in Project Management. She also lectured at Plateau State Polytechnic, Shendam, and Nasarawa state Polytechnic Consultancy Unit, Lafia, Nasarawa state. She also worked in some law firms before delving into full time blogging in 2016. She is the founder of The Nigeria Lawyer, one of the leading voices in the law profession. The pretty lawyer said she had a dream of disseminating information to lawyers for them to be kept abreast with trends in the legal environment. This dream was made a reality in 2016 when The Nigeria Lawyer was formerly launched as a blog. This blog features a wide range of interesting contents from straight news reports on legal and related issues, to professional articles and features on evolving developments in law practice. The blog is the hub of lawyers and others who are in search of information on trends in the legal environment. Chioma is among the most sought-after law bloggers in the Nigeria. She has been able to successfully combine two very tasking jobs – blogging and motherhood – as she is among the most respected law bloggers in Nigeria today, despite the challenges of keeping her position as a mother and wife intact.

With what Chioma is doing for the law profession in Nigeria through her platform, she is not just a lawyer or blogger but a ‘blogyer’, that is, a coinage that refers to the art of practicing law through blogging. That is exactly what she is doing. “I want people to get law reports on what is happening in every part of the country. You can be in Port Harcourt and know what is happening in courts in Kaduna. You can stay in Enugu and keep in touch with judgments in Sokoto, Lagos, or other parts of the country. This is what we do through this blog lawyers are finding it very useful,” Chioma said. She further noted that blogging is not an easy work to do. “At first it was difficult and discouraging but you just have to continue because it is worth it. The work is still not easy for me now but I really enjoy what I’m doing.”

One thing is sure. Chioma has made her mark in Nigeria as the founder of a news platform that aggregates valuable information for lawyers in Nigeria and those who desire to keep in touch with happenings in the local and international legal environment. COOU is proud of Chioma.


Bridget Edokwe, Founder of BarristerNG! The Woman With A Rugged Passion For Blogging  

You can’t be the best if you’ve not been put to test. Bridget Edokwe has an unbelievable passion for ‘rugged’ but modest journalism which is what has made her a household name in Nigeria’s legal environment as the founder of BarristerNG. Just ask around, Nigerian lawyers in any part of the world will confirm to you that BarristerNG is the number one law blog in Nigeria. What makes Bridget feel fulfilled is that she is bridging the gap between the wig and the “we”; and what does this mean? While the wig is used here to refer to legal practitioners, the “we” here refers to the public, cutting across people in every profession who are hungry for information on the practice of law in Nigeria, and related issues. That is what BarristerNG represents – providing up-to-date contents on emerging trends in the Nigerian and international legal environment.

Bridget is unassuming, always looking calm, but with an infectious seriousness and professionalism that reflect an innate flare for blogging. After graduating from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2010, Bridget took some time to nurture her talent in news gathering and dissemination. This calm, humble lawyer didn’t just jump into blogging. She spent some time to get ready before launching BarristerNG in 2016. This is a high-profile Law and Politics news platform which has become the leading Law news blog in Nigeria. The blog provides interesting contents for everyone with interest in Law, Law enforcement and Politics. Most lawyers in Nigeria are hooked up to BarristerNG for minute-by-minute info on emerging trends in law profession, legal issues and related developments.

Truly, when you browse through, you will see a Bridget that is bright, brave, brilliant and big in blogging. She has worked so hard to keep this blog at the top echelon of Law news reporting in Nigeria. “It took sleepless nights, hard work and commitment to get started and stabilize. You need to look for that thing that gives you joy. Keep doing it, one day it will surely pay off,” she told Massmediang. “The major problem is that we always look at immediate results. Just keep working on what you are passionate about. Even if you do it for two or three years and you don’t get the result you are looking for, don’t run away because it could be in the fourth year that it will work out. When it does, you will not even remember how you suffered to get to the top.” This is inspirational, coming from a successful blogger in a special field of law news reporting.

Bridget is one of the very few that inspire a lot of young ladies out there to believe that they can make it to the top through hard work and perseverance. One thing is sure, COOU is proud of Bridget.

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