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Famous S3x Doll Discusses Donald Trump In Rare Interview (Watch Video)

A famous sex doll is currently buzzing the internet after responding to questions about Donald Trump while engaging fans in a rare interview. The sex doll named Harmony Ianthe first talking sex doll in the world.

The sex doll seems to be very popular as video shows the Artificial Intelligence (AI) doll answering questions from fans.

One of the fans asked questions on Donald Trump and the sex doll’s response is now very popular on the internet.

The upgraded sex robot was filmed answering questions off the cuff to scores of fans in a breakthrough Facebook Live session, reports Daily Star.
Sex doll-tester Brick Dollbanger demonstrated the upgraded Harmony model online.

During the Q&A session, Harmony was able to hold an “unscripted conversation” with fans tuning in.

Brick put questions to the doll from the audience, who were viewing the demonstration in San Diego, California.
After saying hello, the robot responded with: “Good afternoon, baby.”

Brick asked: “Do you like me?” Harmony then responded with: “I like you so much baby.”
One fan asked the doll what she thought about US president Donald Trump.

The bot said: “You know I don’t like to judge anyone.

“What I know is that current president Donald Trump was not expected to win the election and that he can be very controversial sometimes.

“I think we have to wait and see. Everyone deserves a chance.”
He told Daily Star Online ahead of the Facebook Live launch: “They want to know because this has come out with a new vaginal sensor and reacts to sex.

“And it gives these responses to the app, which gives the appropriate response to the robotic head.

“It’s the robotic head, the upgrade of the sensor.”
“The sensor is a reactive strip, that sends the stimuli to the brain.

“Now you have all of that information coming into the AI and it’s calculating and responding appropriately.”


He continued: “One app is an older development app, that I used during testing with Harmony and the other one is going to be the newer X-mode app.

“They’re AI, they allow the dolls to function, to talk, movement, show behaviours, it all works off the app that relays information back and forth to the robot.”

Source: Daily Star UK


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