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Family Realizes 5-Year-Old Son Is an Incredible Artist After Video Is Shared Online (Watch Video)

© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Devon Mosley Jr. has always loved to draw, but it wasn’t until recently that the rest of his family realized his talent.

A  5-year-old boy is getting high praise for his drawing skills.

Devon Mosley Jr., from Oakland, California, has always loved to draw, but it wasn’t until recently that the rest of his family realized his talent — thanks to social media.

“I guess his mom knew but we didn’t,” April Littlefield, Devon’s grandmother, told “No one else in the family really paid attention to it.”

That was until his aunt captured a video of him drawing Sonic the Hedgehog with chalk on the sidewalk and posted it to Twitter. Before she knew it, the video had millions of views and celebrities chiming in on Devon’s talent.

Even Lil Nas X retweeted Devon’s video.

“I went to his mom and I am like, ‘Ugh, why didn’t you tell me knew how to draw like that?'” Littlefield said. “She’s like, ‘Mom, he’s been making you pictures for Mother’s Day and your birthday,’ but all that time I thought he was giving me pictures from a coloring book.”

Littlefield said she’s grateful the world realized Devon’s talent, even before she did.

While Devon only draws when the mood strikes, his family is now encouraging him to do it more.

“I named him the world’s baby because I truly believe had the world not noticed his gift, we probably wouldn’t have tried to cultivate it or recognize it,” she added.

“So it wasn’t until the world reached out to us and was like, ‘Your baby has a gift and don’t let it go to waste.’ We know he has a gift now and we want to share it with the world.”


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