Family! 13 Men Reveal What They’d Like All Women To Know About Them And The Answers Are Heartwarming; You Need To See No 10

Men often get blamed i relationships for not showing enough emotions to service a relationship. They are seen as non-nonchalant parties in a thriving relationship, not being as romantic as the women would want them to be. Well, Reddit asked its men what they would like women to know in a relationship. Here are 13 answers they gave. You will like to read them.

#1. Dating is tough for both the genders

#2. What happens when there’s no reply

#3. Everyone needs compliments

#4. Thank God someone said this

#5. Feelings are same across both genders and rejection hurts everyone

#6. See, little things matter

#7. There’s straight answers with the boys

#8. This is exactly what needs to change with the society

#9. What every woman needs to hear

#10. Ladies take note

#11. We all need to talk it out

#12. Can we settle this debate already?

#13. Well, this is a debate we can never settle

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