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Fall Of A ‘Sex Cult’ In USA! Leaders Arrested, Including Multi-Millionaire’s Daughter

This is a strong warning to those who enrol into programmes that promise great achievements without taking extra time to find out more details about the group. Here’s the shocking story of an organization in New York that claims to be an “Executive Training Programme” but has telltales of frightening sex-cult activities hidden to the public. Checkout the story below.

Brains behind what has been described as a ‘sex cult’ have been arrested in the US and charged with racketeering conspiracy.

The organisation called NXIVM which the founding members say is an “Executive Success Program” based in Albany, New York,  recruits women who are told to play “slave” to their “masters” as a way of remaining part of the group funded with millions of dollars.

Clare Bronfman, Seagram’s heiress and the organization’s alleged bankroller, will be arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday on racketeering conspiracy charges, along with other top leadership including Nancy and Lauren Salzmanand Kathy Russell, NXIVM’s bookkeeper. The U.S. attorney’s office for New York’s Eastern District confirmed Tuesday’s arrests to the Albany bureau of Democrat and Chronicle, a branch of USA Today (Sara Bronfman, Clare’s sister and the other Seagram’s heiress involved in the organization, was not mentioned).

Raniere and his initials stamped on pelvic region of his sex slaves

The group’s leader, Keith Raniere, was arrested in March after a manhunt led federal agents to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, reports Vanity Fair. Law enforcement arrested his alleged lieutenant and main recruiter, Smallville actress Allison Mack, a month later in Brooklyn. Prior to the arrests, former members came forward to The New York Times with accounts of doctors branding women with Raniere and Mack’s initials. Recruits to an inner circle of NXIVM members that called itself the Dominus Obsequious Sororium, or D.O.S., played “slaves” to their “masters,” and were urged to go on “near-starvation diets,” per the Times.
Raniere and Mack are both awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, and both have pleaded not guilty. One of Raniere’s lawyers, Paul DerOhannesian, previously told Vanity Fair, “Many independent, smart, curious adult women participated in a search for happiness, fulfillment, and meaning exercising the freedom of choice enjoyed by every United States citizen. The prosecution advances an adventuresome legal theory without precedent to assert the emotionally charged crime of ‘sex-trafficking.’” His lawyer Marc Agnifilo added at the time, “Mr. Raniere will fight these groundless charges and will prevail.”

For more, see: Vanity Fair

About the Sex Cult Of Keith Raniere

The NXIVM prides itself as a self-help consortium but has telltales of frightening cult-like activities and multi-level marketing. Checkout quick facts about the organization’s activities.

The sex cult is called NXIVM (pronounced Nex-ee-um). It is based in Albany, New York and it masquerades as a self help organization. Within NXIVM is a subset called DOS, where the leader of the cult brands women he calls his sex slaves.

The organisation is sold to the public as an “executive success program”. Some of the specific programs they market are called names like “Origins” and “Ethos.” “The Origins program is the path to understanding your own operating system,” reads the description on their website. People are either “pro-survival” or they’re designated as “destructive.”
The NXIVM organization boasts a membership of around 16,000 people but the majority of them take a course, get the self-esteem boost they need from it and move on. Members of NXIVM are called Nxians. Where things become shady (like, illegal shady, not just self-help shady) is the subsect of NXIVM called DOS, which is lead by founder Keith Raniere.

The second red flag is that Raniere, the leader if the group, ran a women’s only subsect of NXIVM called DOS, which is an acronym for a Latin phrase roughly meaning “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions.” In order to join DOS, women had to provide “collateral,” aka nude photos of themselves and personal information that could hurt their reputation should it be released. This collateral was held over them to scare them from reporting what was going on in DOS.

A great deal of strange activities took place in the DOS programme.
The women members of DOS were referred to as slaves (Raniere was their “master”) and they were expected to recruit more slaves to the program. The slaves were branded on their pelvic region with a logo that contained Raniere’s initials. Former slaves were interviewed about this and called it incredibly traumatizing and torturous. They also claimed that if they weren’t able to recruit other slaves quickly enough, they’d be beaten with paddles. Slaves had to adhere to strict 500-800 calorie/day diets in order to maintain an appearance that Raniere found sexually appealing.
Smallville’s actress,  Allison Mack was a member of DOS and a high ranking slave underneath Raniere. She was actively recruiting other women in Hollywood to join and grooming them to be suitable for Raniere to have sex with. Sixth Senseactress Samia Shoaib recently relayed her experiences with Mack, who tried to recruit her in 2013. Shoaib said that Mack seemed unwell and very strung out, constantly trying to pitch this women’s only retreat over email to her. Earlier this month Mack was arrested and indicted on terms of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. She faces 15 years to life in prison. Rainere was also arrested in Mexico recently and jailed for similar charges.

Now that both Mack and Raniere in jail, longtime member Clare Bronfman, heiress to the Seagram’s liquor fortune, is now the de facto head of NXIVM. She and other Nxians have moved there to be closer to the jail where Raniere’s being held.
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