Monday , May 23 2022

Fake News! Zuma’s Statue is Still Standing in Owerri

Correct and still standing


The news making the rounds in the social media that Jacob Zuma’s statue has been brought down by Owerri youths is false. A social media user recently put up a picture of a fallen statue on his private account and some blogs started using it without looking deeper, claiming that the image was that of Jacob Zuma brought down by Owerri youth. Well, original pictures of the Zuma statue have emerged to prove that the story is fake. Meanwhile where those statues are standing is heavily guarded, at least for now. So anyone thinking of going to pull any of them down should have a rethink.

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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    people and their fake news!!! well let me go to owerri tomorrow and confirm it!

    group h

  2. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Still wondering what the Statue standS for

  3. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Group A

  4. hmmm…Nigerians with their fake news eh…
    group i

  5. People and rumors…. GroupI

  6. Amene Chidera Doris

    Tell them ooo..I don’t understand this Nigeria again self..mtcheeew
    Team H

  7. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    IMO and Okoroach self. God help IMO people.

    Group F

  8. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Nice write up, At least individuals now know the truth about the ZUMA statue

  9. the statue is there to stay so they should let it be.


    Let it fall Lemme see if Rochas will erect another statue of Zuma’s family


  11. the masses are angry with Rochas that is why they are carrying rumors every were.

    group B.

  12. great our money is safe team l

  13. the pictures are different, just looking at them you can tell.

  14. Even thought the news was real, must go there ND confirm
    Group G

  15. Hmm money wasting in a country that claims to be broke

  16. Chaii!!! Some People can disseminate fake information ,they can’t even Confirm a story before giving it out.
    Group …K

  17. Crystal Chinelo Erokwu

    The outcome of being jobless…you carry yeye news around.
    Group D

  18. Bloggers should learn to make thorough investigations and researches so as not to mislead the masses.

    Group: E

  19. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca

    Rumor goes very fast. People should make sure they are aware of a particular situation or news before they make a report.


  20. This is a fake news,real fake news
    TEAM L

  21. Law-obilero Chiemena

    thank God o team d

  22. The way people spread false news is really alarming.

    GROUP F.

  23. Nwangene blessing George

    Na wa o people should be careful of fake news.
    Group H

  24. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    Asi ocha…..rumour mongers @ work

  25. Fake News everywhere. I dnt really know what people gain from that. Group G

  26. People and their fake news

    Group D

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