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Eye Service! Can Garri really cause visual loss?

We continue our update on whether drinking garri caues visual problem. Recall that we had earlier posted an article proving that drinking garrison too much will cause eye problem because when raw garrison is taken in large quantity, this increases the cyanide content in your body and could affect the eye.

Garri is a staple food in Nigeria and drinking garri is common among most Nigerians. Well processed garrison is not harmful. The cyanide content in well processed garri is not harmful but when you drink garri more often is normal,  you then increase the cyanide content you are taking into your body and this poses risk to your sight.

Read this interesting article on whether garrison can really cause visual loss and learn more. Someone posted this interesting piece on opticalview360. Read it now.

Can garri really cause visual loss?

The debate is still on since I was a child if “garri” can cause poor sight to a person.

A young man of 23 years actually inspired this article as he sent a message asking if really Garri can cause a person to loose their sight or reduce vision.

Garri is a popular West African food made from cassava tubers consumed mainly in Nigerian, Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

The fact still remains that no matter how wealthy an African is whether they are home or abroad, this cassava substance can never be short of supply.

Garri is a quick meal that is very satisfying and can serve different purposes. It is even more enjoyable because it can be combined with anything like groundnut, beans, soup etc.

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Can Garri really cause loss of sight?

Studies have shown that fresh cassava plant contains potentially toxic levels of a cyanide. Toxicity occurs when cassava is eaten raw or it is not well processed when making garri.

When Garri is not well processed, the cynanide affects “The nerve at the back of the eye which conducts light sensation from the eye to the brain, which we call the Optic Nerve. This will damage the nerve and loss of sight (blindness) may result.

“Garri and other cassava products, which are well processed and eaten with adequate amounts of proteins and vitamins, constitute no health hazard to the consumer”.

Proper garri processing should diminish the concentration of this acid to a level bearable, but impatience on the part of people make them employ inappropriate processing methods which give rise to cyanide-laden garri poison.

Also, adding palm oil to the garri will further help to reduce the cyanide content and give it a unique flavour.
“But I for one, I love my Garri white”

The emphasis should therefore be on eating a balanced diet rich in proteins, vegetables, vitamins and fruits. No one except in famine or extreme poverty would eat garri alone without soup, meat or fish. With these we need not worry about chronic cyanide toxicity.”

In my own opinion, I think the main issue with garri is that since it is one of the ‘staple diet’ especially among those who cannot afford the required 3-stable diet, it is the alleged cause of reduced vision.

Garri may continually be ‘victimised’ for poor vision if the public is not well educated on the causes of blindness and poor vision.

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Advice!!! Buy your Garri from trusted sellers, and do not buy and eat what will kill you!

For Garri addicts like me, “Too much of everything is bad”! Let us try to minimise our urge.

(Source : opticalview360)

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  1. I don’t think garri can cause loss of vision if it does what of the poor masses who take it in varieties……??


  2. Garri is nice but too much of it is bad. I can not stop drinking garri ooo

  3. Ejimbe Eric 2015054072

    if it’s true that it causes lost of vision too many of our Nigerian citizens would have been blind most especially the poor who take it as a meal almost every day.q uiz num 41

  4. udekwe precious Nneka

    Drinking of too much garri can cause eye problem, we should all be careful.


  5. umeh blessing chinelo

    i dont think garri can cause loss of vision
    umeh blessing chinelo

  6. I think the best way to take garri is by adding milk to it because drinking garri alone causes loss of vision.

    Quiz no:24


    Hmmmm i will stop drinking garri ooo

  8. I don’t think I can stop drinking garri. I have been taking it a lot since I was young and I like it. why am I still seeing things clearly??

  9. hmmmm….. indeed it can cause visual lost…especially those who take it every time without milk…114

  10. There’s a probability it may have effect….well I think I will just stop it for a while

  11. I think drinking of garri can cause loss of vision but it can be prevented when milk is used in taking garri.

    Name Ekulide Tochukwu

    Reg no 2015054034

  12. nwangene onyema c

    for me I dont think garri can cause eye problem I have been taking it since I was little and I can very clearly

  13. Yes,continuously drinking of garri can cause loss of weight and also blindness, I can’t advice anybody that I know to be taking garri regularly maka ndua

  14. Garri can cause loss of vision only when taken raw and constantly

  15. Eze Priscillia Obianuju

    nice Info

  16. Chisom Janefrances

    I totally disagree on that because if truly garri can cause eye problem i should have been facing the problem by now cus I too always drink garri…..

  17. Udechukwu chiamaka

    dont think drinking of Garri can cause loss of vision because almost half of the people living in nigeria will be blind because of the recession we are in today including me..


  18. ihejirika nmesoma

    quite interesting I never knew too much intake of garri can cause a visual loss.

  19. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    It can oh.. Garri kwa

  20. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    when I was 12 I got use to drinking garri and it really affected my sight

  21. garri can if its taken without milk.

  22. I love taking garri any time any day

  23. oraegbune joseph

    Garri is not actually good for some people.


  24. Garri is good though but causes problem of vision often


  25. 2015054028

    To me much intake of garri can cause eye defect. That’s why one its advisable less it, though I’m not a fan of it.

  26. Okoli Ijeoma Precious

    I have eye problem and I was advised by my optician to stop drinking garri…. but if I should,I have to do that with enough milk.
    I do believe that garri aids in damaging the eye!

  27. Obi Ogechi Emmanuella

    Indeed, it can cause loss of vision but can be avoided if you always add milk to it.
    Quiz no:68

  28. Anyadubalu Somto. c

    it can really cause visual loss if it’s taken consistently

  29. Nwankwor oluebube A

    Ever since i became reasonable till date, this has always been the mindset of many… but it never stopped Many from enjoying its sweetness… Whether with milk or no milk, garri remains sweet n it will forever be enjoyed by many and yet they dont get blind….I dont think garri can cause blindness

  30. Chukwurah Uzoamaka

    I love drinking garri, once you always add enough milk to it. It won’t do anything.

  31. Ndubuisi Miracle Queen

    I believe that garri can only cause damaged if not properly consumed in the right manner.

  32. Odike Stella Amaka

    Garri won’t cause damage if accompanied by other classes of food.

  33. True talk but I love drinking garri very well

  34. Ojukwu ujunwa francisca. Reg 2015054070

    I think drinking garri without anything can cause eye damage.

  35. Maduakor Uju
    Garri should be well processed so as to kill the chemical which causes lost of vision,constant intake of garri could affect our sight

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