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Esther Isiaka biography, education, career

Kano State, Nigeria, is among the states with the most competitive and sophisticated broadcast media landscapes in the country. The impressive nature of electronic media houses is not unconnected to the exceptional performance of On-Air Personalities (OAPs) in these organizations thrilling the audience with interesting programmes and captivating presentation techniques. Some of these OAPs in Kano have become household names loved by listeners because they have distinguished themselves from their colleagues in the industry. One of the very hot presenters who stand out due to exceptional performances is Esther Isiaka, the most fascinating female OAP in Kano.

Esther, popularly known by her studio name, Tin Tin, is a multi-talented broadcaster whose good works as a staff of Wazobia 99.5 FM, Kano has helped in increasing the audience base of the station. She is very popular for her show “Oga Madam Office” which airs on Mondays, by 10am at Wazobia Fm 99.5 Kano. She is also a content developer, a popular MC and an event manager.

Esther was employed at Wazobia FM Kano in 2019 and has since expressed her innate passion for broadcasting through captivating presentation techniques that keep the audience always glued to their sets whenever she is on air. She is a show anchor and news presenter who understands her core responsibility of generating interesting contents for her programmes.

Before joining the broadcast industry, Esther had worked as a client service representative at Chris Parkes Marketing Solutions company from 2012-2013. Her job as client service personnel was to relate with company clients, informing them on how the company could better serve them. She was also the admin person responsible managing communication and information flow in the Kano branch of the company. This is proof that Esther is well experienced in media and communication work which she now uses in her consultancy works for clients. She was co-host of COWA awards in 2016.

Esther studied Mass Communication at Bayero University, Kano. She also has an M.Sc. degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. She is a creative and talented OAP who believes that opportunities are everywhere for someone with great skills. Esther is an inspiration and a role model to numerous young Nigerians who want to have a career in the broadcasting industry. She is one of the hottest female OAPs in Kano State with many fans that love her programmes and presentation techniques.


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