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Ernest Sissei Ikoli (1893–1960), First Editor of Daily Times, Nigeria


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Ernest Sissei Ikoli (1893–1960) was the first editor of the Daily Times of Nigeria which was launched in June 1926. He later became publisher of the now defunct African Messenger. For a period he worked at the now defunct Lagos Weekly Record. He was one of the pioneer Nigerian journalists that took the profession to greater heights in the era of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and his chain of newspapers.

Ikoli was born in Nembe in present-day Bayelsa State and educated at Bonny Government School, Rivers State and King’s College, Lagos. After completing his studies at King’s College, he became a tutor at the school – a post which he left to pursue a career in journalism. Ikoli is remembered today as one of the pacesetters of Nigerian journalism and the independence struggle.

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