Environmental Laws In Nigeria, Relevance To The Green Communicator

Environmental laws provide a legal platform for the environmental communicator to function effectively. When writing a story to protect or promote the environment you might require legal backings to buttress your point. You will definitely not be able to write a convincing piece if you do not understand the legal environment of green communication. Understanding existing environmental laws helps you as an environmental communicator to know where individuals or organizations have gone wrong regarding environmental concerns, know what activities are right or wrong in the environment, know the appropriate bodies or establishments that are responsible for handling specific environmental challenges, and of course, write a convincing article on any environmental concern.

Knowledge of environmental laws acquaints you with what makes up the legal environment of environmental communication. You cannot be an effective environmental watchdog if you do not understand the laws protecting the environment. This is primarily why you need to read the article below which provides existing environmental laws and policies in Nigeria.

Click here to read: A Synopsis of the Laws and Regulations On the Environment in Nigeria

After reading the article above, you should be able to discuss any of the laws listed there and how it is relevant to the practice of environmental communication in Nigeria.


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Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. Very expository and educative piece

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