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Environmental Communication! Course Outline (2018/2019)

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University



2018/2019 Academic Session


Faculty: Social Sciences                                       Department: Mass Communication

Course Code: MAC 461                            Unit(s): 2             Semester: First

Course Title: Environment Communication

Lecturer: Dr. Chinenye Nwabueze              Programme: B. Sc.



This course provides an insight on the effective communication strategies that could be used in drawing attention to environmental concerns. It is designed to train students to have an in-depth understanding of the concepts and dynamics of environment, environmental communication, environmental risk, environmental risk communication, environmental news, environmental news reporting, and environmental advertising and public relations, among others. The course equips students with the most appropriate modern strategies of green communication in view of the fact that the field of environmental communication is becoming more and more important as the stakes in global environmental debate have become greater and greater and the tools for communicating become more diverse. At the end, students would be conversant with diverse forms of interpersonal, group, public, organizational, and mediated communication that make up the social debate about environmental issues and problems, including basic facts about how man engages in mutually beneficial interactional relationship with the environment.



By the end of this course, students will have learned:

  1. Basic concepts associated with environmental communication;
  2. Various media of environmental communication;
  3. The fusion between Traditional, Mass, New Media and Green Communication;
  4. The Dynamics of Green Advertising and Public Relations;
  5. Basics of Environmental Problems in Urban and Rural areas, including emerging issues in Climate Change, and an understanding of environmental disasters in contemporary society.
  6. Dimensions of Environmental Risk Communication.



  1. Lectures
  2. Indoor Quizzes
  3. Outdoor Quizzes
  4. Practical Classroom Sessions



  1. Introduction

Understanding the concepts of Environment

Types of Environment

Environmental Problems in the society

How Man Interacts with the Environment


  1. Environmental communication defined

Meaning of Environmental communication

Role of environmental communication

Approaches to Environmental Communication

Environmental Communication Campaign


  1. Media of environmental communication

Personal Communication Media

Non-Personal Communication Media

Social Media and Environmental Communication

Media Selection Strategies in Environmental Communication Campaign


  1. ICTs and Environmental communication

Meaning of ICTs

Role of ICTs in Environmental Communication

Problems Militating Against ICT Use in Environmental Communication


  1. Environmental news reporting

What is environmental news?

What is environmental News Reporting?

Environmental Beat

Factors Militating Against Environmental Beat Reporting

Quick Tips for Covering the Environment


  1. Mass media and the Environment

Nigerian Mass Media and the Environment: An Overview

Why Do We Need Effective Media Coverage of the Environment?

Mass Media Roles in Environmental Communication


  1. Green Marketing: A Conceptual and Historical overview

Meaning of Marketing

Meaning of Green Marketing

Why Green Marketing Practice is growing


  1. Environmental public relations

What is Public Relations?

What is Environmental Public Relations?

Environmental Public Relations Implementation Models

Environmental Advertising: Supporting Green Public Relations

  1. Culture and Environment

What is Culture?

How Culture Interacts with the Environment

A Look at Cultural Practices in a Multi-ethnic Society: Implications to the Environment

Culture and Environmental Communication

  1. Communication Environmental risk

Meaning of Risk

Meaning of Environmental Risk

Communicating Environmental Risk

Objectives of Environmental Risk Communication

Factors that Militate Against Environmental Risk Communication

Quick Tips to Effective Environmental Risk Communication


  1. Class Activities



  1. Assignments and tests attract a minimum of 30%
  2. Examination attracts a maximum of 70%

Total   ____________________________100%



  • Anyone guilty of academic theft, cheating or plagiarism will face disciplinary action.
  • Attendance below 75% disqualifies any student from sitting for the course examination. Students who miss class for health reasons or grave challenges are to see the course representative with a doctor’s note (native doctor’s report WILL NOT be accepted) and acceptable evidence to explain their absence.
  • Students would be required to observe punctuality in attending lectures and in submitting assignments.
  • Class quizzes (indoor and outdoor) and all practical sessions are mandatory for all students.



Nwabueze, C. (2015). Environmental Communication: Perspectives on Green Communication and Information Management. Owerri: Topshelve .

Corbett, Julia B. (2006). Communicating Nature: How We Create and Understand Environmental Messages. Washington: Island Press.

Cox, Robert. (2010). Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Hendry, Judith. (2010). Communication and the Natural World. State College, PA: Strata Publishing.

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1. Environmental laws and regulations in NIgeria

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