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Enoh Ogbevire, The Most Engaging Female OAP in Rivers State

In these days of proliferation of broadcast media, very stiff competition now exists among several radio and television stations for audience attention. The battle for the ‘soul’ of the audience has moved to the realm of creativity and only stations with top quality staff can keep audience base increasing. Among the few On-Air Personalities (OAPs) who are outstanding in Southern part of Nigeria with unique skills capable of taking a broadcast station to the top of the media landscape is Enoh Ogbevire of Nigeria Info 92.3 FM, Port Harcourt. Enoh is easily one of the most engaging and infectiously captivating OAPs in Nigeria. Her presence as a staff of that radio station is why it is among the most sought after in the entire South South and South East Nigeria.

Who is Enoh Ogbevire?

Enoh is an award winning broadcaster, author, motivational speaker, teacher, media consultant and voice actor. She hails from Delta State Nigeria. She is someone with vast experience in broadcasting and passion for her job.


Enoh graduated from the University of Lagos in 2002 where she bagged a B.A. in Philosophy. She then proceeded to the University of Maiduguri for post graduate studies in journalism. Shortly after that, she then followed her passion and innate drive which in an exciting life as a broadcaster.


Enoh did not just end up one of the finest broadcasters in Nigeria from nowhere. She actually has an impressive story on her way to the top. She first stunned the airwaves with her engaging presentation skills when she became a staff of Grace FM and Confluence Television Lokoja, Kogi State, in 2007. She spent three years working for these Kogi State owned broadcast organizations before moving over to Lagos State in 2011, where she worked for City FM 105.1. The broadcast media environment in Lagos is unbelievably competitive and only the bests are listened to by the highly enlightened audience members in the state. Yet, Enoh excelled in this environment with captivating programmes that won the heart of numerous listeners. Her impressive performance at City FM caught the attention of one of the leading radio stations in Nigeria, Nigeria Info FM, which got her employed to work at the Port Harcourt station in 2012. This was where Enoh began to unleash her talent as a captivating OAP, with programme presentation skills that keep the audience glued to their radio sets until her show ends. Her early morning programme, Rise to Wisdom, which she co-hosts with Kofi Bartels, is one programme that improved her rating among the audience in the South South and South Eastern Nigeria where she has a greater percentage of her fans. Her formidable partnership with Kofi Bartels also made the wonderful morning show Morning CrossFire one of the most popular radio shows in the entire Southern part of Nigeria. Enoh’s charisma and hard work never went unnoticed but made way for her in several awards and nominations. Most notable of them is The Media Host of the Year (Inspirational) award in 2018 which she won at The Media Awards. This is a reflection of her dedication to work and desire to have fun while doing what she loves best.


Enoh is among the very few OAPs in Nigeria who have channeled their talents into other creative works that positively influenced their personality and audience rating. She is a successful author, having published her book entitled And The Mic Came Up in 2018. This is one feat that is rare among OAPs in Nigeria. The book has very rich content largely premised on her experiences in the line of duty. In the book, she adopted interesting language and descriptive writing skills to document her experiences as a refined broadcaster and OAP after 10 years in Radio and Television presenting.


Enoh is an inspirational role model to many young Nigerians who dream of having a successful career in broadcasting. She is very versatile and talented. Her impressive pedigree as a broadcaster has earned her some big time endorsements, several radio productions, advert placements, and voice recordings for individuals and organizations. She is a very reliable media consultant, always making her clients happy. Her ability to create and present engaging media content will continue to distinguish her as one of the top OAPs in Nigeria.


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