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Enoh Ogbevire! Best-selling author of two most inspiring books

Enoh Ogbevire of Nigeria Info 92.3 FM, Port Harcourt is among the few On-Air Personalities (OAPs) who are outstanding in Southern part of Nigeria with unique skills capable of taking a broadcast station to the top of the media landscape. Enoh is an award winning broadcaster, author, motivational speaker, teacher, media consultant and voice actor. She hails from Delta State Nigeria. She is someone with vast experience in broadcasting and passion for her job.

Enoh is among the very few OAPs in Nigeria who have channeled their talents into other creative works that positively influenced their personality and audience rating. She is a successful best-selling author with two of the most inspirational books written by a Nigerian author.

And The Mic Came Up

And The Mic Came Up is Enoh’s first book which she published in 2018. Writing good books is one feat that is rare among OAPs in Nigeria. The book has very rich content largely premised on Enoh’s experiences in the line of duty. In the book, she adopted interesting language and descriptive writing skills to document her experiences as a refined broadcaster and OAP after 10 years in Radio and Television presenting.

Your Money or Your Life

Enoh’s second book, Your Money or Your Life, is another best selling piece with electrifying inspirational contents that develop readers’ instinct to create wealth and grow financially. The book became available for readers in March, 2020. It sold close to 10,000 copies within the first few months of hitting the market. Enoh has made impactful contributions to the society through her books and readers across the country attest to.


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Enoh is truly a special breed and this is basically why you need to read her books if you want to make your big dream a reality. She teaches how to make wise decisions in life’s Journey. Those who listen to her on radio and in various workshops she organizes have testified to life-changing experiences after those encounters. She is one of the most inspiring authors in the media world. She is also an award-winning broadcaster and Head Of News, NIGERIA INFO,WAZOBIA & COOL FM.

You just have to read these two classic books – And The Mic Came Up, Your Money or Your Life to wake up the creative beast in you and begin your journey to greatness.


You can get the books by contacting her on her social media platforms: Facebook (@Enigmacityng); Twitter (@Enigmacity); Instagram (Enigmacity).



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