Sunday , February 25 2024

End of the Road! This Man Has Just Been Nabbed by Security Personnel for Trying to Buy Votes With Cash Near Polling Center

This seems to be the end of the road for a  desperate party supporter. Just as the governorship election in some areas in Anambra state – have begun, a man was arrested by officials of the Department of State Services DSS for allegedly trying to buy votes in the ongoing election. According to reports, the man was nabbed after he was spotted by security operatives while trying to influence voters with cash.

(Natonal Helm)

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  1. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    hmmmm corruption in nigeria starts from us the citizen tomorrow we start complaining of bad government but we are the ones that voted for them out of greedy and love of money! instead of voting wisely we vote because of money.

    group h

  2. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Very shameless
    Group A

  3. hmmm….good thing he was caught…
    group i

  4. Very good… Election has to be free and fair… GroupI

  5. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    just because of election. He should be made to face the law.

    Group F.

  6. serves him right hope he learnt his lesson.

  7. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is indeed a great job as regards to the security operatives who detected his corruptive tendencies…


    He has too much money


  9. 99 days for the thief one day for the owner, nemesis has caught him.

    group B

  10. Hmm politics very dirty game

  11. what was he expecting, to go without being caught. Thumbs up to the security personnel.

  12. Yawa don gas for the man head,but it won’t equally stop others who would also use cash to buy votes

  13. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    Nigeria is turning into another thing everyday,we collect money that we eat uder a week,then vote for the wrong person and suffer for up to 4yrs..WE NEED JESUS (GROUP D

  14. Corruption everyday

    I know this election won’t go clean

    Group G

  15. Crystal Chinelo Erokwu

    Lol…Ehyaa some masses will say “Dem don spoil our show”… A good step in combating corruption.
    Group D

  16. That serves him right,….he thinks he can buy votes with his money.

  17. This state is improving. Police at work
    Group G

  18. Law-obilero Chiemena

    wow team d

  19. Well he’s not the only person doing such a thing but now that they have arrested him what will they do with him.


  20. This is really illegal… Thanks to the DSS…

    Team H

  21. Nwangene blessing George

    Good for him at least others will learn from there.
    Group H

  22. Seems the man was really desperate and he ended up putting himself in trouble.

    GROUP F.

  23. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    Lesson to others
    GRP K

  24. I don’t know What this country is turning into .Elections are mearnt to be free and fair
    Group G

  25. Very good

    Thank God he was caught

    Group D

  26. This is indeed a great job as regards to the
    security operatives who detected his corruptive

    Group L

  27. Good,election is supposed to be free and fair
    team E

  28. So sad. But they forgot to give me my own share o.


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