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Education! See 9 Destructive Habits Every University Student Should Let Go

Being a student is one thing but studying hard to excel is another. There are habits that could be drawing a student backwards academically even when the person is intelligent. Some habits die hard so getting rid of them early is the sure way to be safe. What are some of the habits any university student should avoid? Read this interesting piece posted on which provides insight on those habits that could stop any university student from doing well in school.

9 Destructive Habits Every University Student Should Let Go

#1 Lack Of Confidence

This is one of the destructive habits every university student should let go. The first step to success in your studies and future career is to believe in yourself. Lack of confidence has no place in a student’s life at all. Nobody will ever believe in you if your self esteem and confidence level is low.

This is a major challenge most students face in school. Most of them develop stage freight and can’t even address a group of 10 people. Try hard to let this habit go otherwise it may ruin your career and social life in the future.

#2 Allowing Other People’s Opinion To Affect You

This is also among the destructive habits every student should let go. Different people will always criticize you and come up with opinions about you. Some people’s opinion about you may be positive and others may be negative.

Well, don’t listen to what people say about you rather have a personal opinion about yourself. This is what will become your reality. Learn to value your thinking and opinion above others.

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#3 Comparing Yourself With Other People

Most University students make the mistake of comparing their lives with others. What do you think will happen when you start comparing your complex reality to the visible surface of others? This will definitely make you feel bad about yourself.

However, if you must compare yourself with other people, try to do that with people you are better than. This will give you the feeling of self confident. But the best thing is to be yourself. You are not competing with anybody. Just live your life and do your best.

#4 Fleeing From Challenges

This is another habit that you must let go as a university student. learn to take the bull by the horn rather than running away from it.

Once you can develop the habit of facing every challenge, you will be successful in life. No matter what, stand to face challenges, if possible fix them yourself. Every challenge you overcome in today, is a lifetime experience to learn from.

#5 Surround Yourself With Negative People

Surrounding yourself with negative people kill your dream faster than HIV. In fact, it is mistake you must never make as a student. This is because the beginning of your doom in life is when you start surrounding yourself with negative people.

According to Plato “People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person, or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die”.

Most successful leaders, entrepreneurs and other influential people in the society are always positive. They surround themselves with positive people with like minds, that is the secret of their success.

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Therefore, if you have any negative friend on your list, it is time to let them go. You need to mingle with people who inspire you for greatness not the other way.

#6 Focusing More on your Flaws

Although self improvement and evaluation is good but when you focus more on your mistakes, flaws and past, it will affect you on the long run.

Sometimes, try to console yourself with your strengths, achievements and successes. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction and motivation to put in more effort in whatever you are doing.

#7 Lack of Curiosity

The first habit a good student should develop is to be curious. In other words, try to learn new things and know what is happening around you. In fact, there is no way you can be a good student if you aren’t curious.

when you stop to be curious, you are indirectly holding yourself back. This is why lack of curiosity is one of the destructive habits every university student should let go.

#8 Lack of Decision

It is not good to be scared to make decisions. Lack of Decision is another habit you should let go as a University student. If you don’t, it will haunt you later in life. Try to make quick and rational decisions in all matter.

Don’t be scared of making decisions, when the need arises. Also, learn to take responsibility for your decision if it becomes counterproductive. This is the true measure of a man.

#9 Dismissing Compliments

This is another destructive habit that people develop unconsciously. When you dismiss a compliment with a self disparaging remark, you are selling yourself short to other people.

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Also, it is a way of challenging the judgment of the person complimenting you. Therefore, accept compliments graciously and it doesn’t make you an egoistic person.


What do you think about the points raised here? Let us have your opinion.


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