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Education: 3 Basic Things to Have Before Getting Admission into Nigeria Universities


This piece may be useful to your friend or relation that is seeking admission into a Nigeria University. Read it.

After you have passed through the tough stages of writing JAMB and getting high grades, I congratulate you but much tougher tests await as you move into your school of admission. There are many little things that may cause you stress in the course of your registration. This items must be with you hands on prior to your admission.
1. Your local government certificate.

This is as important as writing JAMB/UTME itself because no institution of higher learning in Nigeria would accept anyone they know nothing about. This certificate tells details about your state of origin and your local government with an attestation of the Chairman of your local government or his secretary (in chairman’s absence). You don’t want to start going back home after you’ve got to school for full resumption as that will amount to stress and waste of money. So the best thing is to get it as early as possible.

2. Your original O-level results/certificate and original Jamb certificate

For those that have written O-level examination for more than two years back, you’ll have the chance to get your original results after that time, so it is advised to proceed now to their respective offices(WAEC, NECO, NABTEB e.t.c.) to claim your results (but don’t go empty handed). They have head offices in the 36 states of the federation (you can google up for the location in your own state). Also, you have to get a scratch card to print your original Jamb certificate which shows your results and date of birth. It is always coloured green and white. This would also be requested for in the course of registration in your school of admission. On the other hand, for those who just finished secondary school and got admission the same year, you’d be given a chance of producing these certificates before you graduate from the institution during screening in the penultimate year -3rd year for university i.e. 300Level. And at this time you would have the chance to get the original copy of your certificate/results.

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3. Original birth certificates/ affidavit

I intentionally put this last because it is the major cause of registration stress in most higher institutions of learning. You’d be surprised that some people don’t even know their date of births and it was never documented by their parent, so they end up running up and down from court to school in order to get affidavit/ declaration of age. In some cases, some might want to increase/ decrease their age as the case may be for reasons best known to them and they start running helter sketer from class to courts, spending lots of money in the process while their mates would be in class receiving lectures, if you find yourself in this category, you should do that as soon as possible to save yourself registration ‘palava’.

One other thing that causes problems for newly admitted students in tertiary institutions is the issue of change of name or not writing names in full. The name you used in writing JAMB/UTME must NOT be different from what you have on your birth certificate , some people make the mistake of changing names while some use abbreviations. This is very wrong, for example: if your name is ADEKUNLE TAIWO BABALOLA on your birth certificate, it should read exactly the same thing on your O-Level and UTME results. Any alteration or slight difference renders one of the certificates invalid…and you’ll have to go for affidavit again.

There are some other important things to note in the course of your registration but these three are by far the most important, follow these instruction and have a successful hitch-free registration process in your school of admission.

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  3. These requirements are true and no one can do without them when admission finally comes. Youth take note of all these requirements

  4. Its so true,it can be so stressful

  5. Nnanyelugo karen

    This should be familiar by now to undergraduates seeking for admission to various universities of their choice…there should be no reason for “am not aware of this basics”…. Note that ” IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE IN THE COURT OF LAW”

  6. I agree on this. Being ignorant of this kind of information can lead to a very stressful search for admission

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