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Drought exposes abandoned ‘forgotten ghost town’ hidden for more than 30 years (Shocking Photos)

Aceredo village found in Spain's Galicia region

What now looks like an abandoned ghost town which has been hiding under water for more than three decades, has been exposed due to a drought.

Since being visible, the destination has been a hit with tourists for its spookiness.

The Aceredo village found in Spain’s Galicia region was flooded in 1992 to create a reservoir – It’s currently at around 15% of its total capacity, meaning the village is now visible, reports Daily Star.

After it appeared again, the mysterious grey ruins and spooky buildings have been a success with tourists and locals who have flocked to the village to check it out three decades after it was flooded.

Some of the things that re-appeared in the village are old rusting cars and other derelict objects. These ruins that made up the small village have amazingly reappeared due to low water levels.

A visitor to the sight, Maximino Pérez Romero said: “It’s as if I’m watching a movie. I have a feeling of sadness.”

“My feeling is that this is what will happen over the years due to drought and all that, with climate change.”

José Álvarez, who works in the village, said: “It’s terrible, but it is what it is. That’s life. Some die, and others live.”

The mayor of the region’s council, María del Carmen Yañez, said the droughts are due to lack of rain.

She also revealed some of the issues were “quite aggressive exploitation of Portugal’s power utility EDP” which looks after the reservoir.

Earlier this month, Portugal ordered six dams, including this one, to nearly suspend all water used for electricity production and irrigation because of the drought.

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The eeriness of the abandoned village has attracted many tourists who were keen to catch a glimpse of the forgotten area.

A local, Francisco Villalonga said: “I can see this might be interesting for visitors from elsewhere.

“But for those of us whose roots are there it is hard to see it like this.

“Seeing the houses where they were born and raised has made people very nostalgic for the past. That is a very Galician thing.”

(Daily Star UK)



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