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Dress Fracas? Nurses in UPTH return to Work in Uniforms after Protesting in Mufty

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Nurses in the University of Portharcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) returned to work in Uniforms today after going to work in muftis last week in protest of non-payment of their uniform allowance. The nurses had protested against the non payment of their uniform allowance by going to work for almost a week dressed in mufties. The healthcare providers say they have not been paid their uniform allowance by the hospital management for the past six (6) years from 2012 to 2017. According to the civil service rule No.130127 nurses and midwives are to be paid uniform allowances.

The nurses resumed work today in Uniforms, as reports indicate that they have been paid one year uniform allowance out of the six years being owed. They said they will adopt further dialogue in getting the other five years owed allowances paid for.


Well this is interesting. It is not only nurses that wear uniform o. Most students now wear uniform to ras departmental wear. May be all those students who wear uniform should be paid allowances by their departments. So how much do you want for wearing mauve shirt and black trousers to school, I dey ask mass communication students of a particular tertiary institution? You know now.

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  1. They pay uniform allowance?? ?? woww

  2. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    it would be nice if they start paying us uniform allowance…
    GROUP 15A

  3. Any amount that will be enough to cover up for our departmental due

  4. Nigeria.E get wetin we no go see?? Since it is stipulated by law that they should be paid uniform allowances the government should toe the line and pay up.No excuses

  5. seriously its not fair,how can one be working for six years and payments are not being made. The next thing in mind is to protest, please allowances should be paid to nurses so that they will have a good heart in caring for patients.

  6. Government should please pay their allowances,and avoid being embarrassed

  7. So they pay uniform allowance. Just hearing it for the 1st time thou

  8. six years is like eternity,please government should pay their uniform allowances so peace will rein

  9. I think the have endured it for so long the should be paid there uniform allowance it’s been long and it’s not fair
    Quiz number:18 Group number:15 A

  10. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    nurses works not only for their love to human good health but also for the allowance which the use to take care if their families. This is unfair their allowance should be given them by the supposed “Government”

  11. wow if they are paying those wearing uniform every student are to be paid. it would really be nice

  12. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    We should be paid any amount that would be enough to cover up our payments for departmental textbooks

  13. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    I think the government should grant their bill and answer to their demand so that they will have the good heart to treat the patients in their various wards.

  14. Funny though

    Government should please try pay up for d remaining five years uniform allowance.

  15. its risky for the Nurses to go on a protest and not putting on there uniform it may engage the lifes of the students

  16. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    Our government should have symphaty,some have families to take care of

  17. goverment should do their jobs cause thats what we elected them for they should stop all this cause health is very important

  18. most of them wear one uniform for 3-4 years and they are looking for allowance. Yet they are so poor at their jobs.

  19. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Is not a bad idea if the government pay us our own uniform allowances o.
    But government should look into this matter and do something about it because the next thing now the nurses will go on strike..

  20. they took action and their quest was granted. nice one

  21. That is what someone would be seeing you have to protest to get what you want terrible

  22. Government should be fast to pay up since it is expected of them,
    quiz no:94,group no:6)

  23. Dont know why the government derive pleasure in embarassing themselves on minor issues. But come to think of it, uniform allowance??. Outrageous.

  24. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Give to ceaser what belongs to ceaser and to nurses what belongs to them, in order to promote Quiz.
    Group number :15
    Quiz number :20

  25. 6years is a lot to owe. The Government should please see to this

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