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Drama in Awka! Tenants Hold Man Hostage for Almost Beating Wife to Death

Tenants in a house at Majuo Street, Zik Avenue, Awka Anambra State, expressed their disgust and anger over wife battery following an incident in the compound that almost resulted to the untimely death of the victim.

Trouble began at about 8pm on Tuesday, July 5 when the woman identified as Chizoba, began to receive heavy beatings from her husband in front of two of her kids aged between 1 and 3 years. The woman is the second wife of the man who lives elsewhere with his first wife. She has two kids for the man.

Reports have it that the man often comes to the house to give her money and also beat her up in some instances.

The co-tenants have been ignoring the development but could not hold their disgust that ugly Tuesday when the woman who is about 25 years younger than the man was receiving the beating of her life in her one-room apartment while her two children cried and watched.

As the man hit Mrs. Chizoba, she fell on the floor but he continued hitting her heavily on her back. He did not immediately notice that the woman he was beating was already unconscious.

A co-tenant who could not withstand the cries of the woman and her children rushed into the room while the man was still hitting his wife who was laying face-down on the floor. It was when he confronted the man that both of them noticed that the woman had fainted minutes ago.

The man became dazed and quickly gave the co-tenant who had confronted him money to buy a tin of milk and a bottle of Malt which the woman was given minutes later when she was revived.

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When the woman regained consciousness her husband sneaked out to enter his car and drive home where he lived but the tenants rushed out, blocked his car and refused to let him go. They insisted that he must pass the night with the woman to ensure that she was healthy till morning. The drama continued into the night until about 11pm when the care-taker of the building intervened and promised to report the matter to officials of the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Development.

According to one of the tenants, “We can’t keep ignoring this. The day this man beats his wife to death we all in this compound will be arrested if the man sneaks out. We want to let the world know that we complained while the man was mercilessly beating his wife so that when anything happens we will not be blamed.” The tenant said the man should be made to write an undertaking to quit beating the woman.

It was gathered that investigations into the matter by officials of the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Development are already on-going.










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  1. chisom Janefrances

    enough z enuogh
    it’s high time we stand on our right and stop this domestic violence.the more we keep watching the more violence can a responsible man beat her wife even at the point of death.
    My own opinion is that the man deserve to be punished and to our ladies please always be careful with the type husband or boyfriend you have before engaging yourself in any marriage to avoid this domestic violence.

  2. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Police men should burn that useless man. can you imagine his using his wife as a punching bag. He don’t understand the meaning of marriage

  3. he is just worst than an infidel.

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