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Drama! Drunk Touts Stop Pastor from Preaching at their Friend’s Burial, Grab Coffin and Bury him While Smoking Indian Hemp, Drinking Hard Liquor as Mark of Last Respect

The Drunk Touts Lowering their late friend’s body into grave

Mourners in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe were treated to an unexpected drama when drunk touts blocked a pastor from a local church to stop conducting the burial service of their colleague at Luveve cemetery, Bulawayo, claiming that was their late friend’s request before his death.

Reports have it that the drunk touts stopped Pastor Ngwenya from preaching for about 20 minutes.

They described their act as a way of saying goodbye to the deceased.

According to an eyewitness, who disclosed that mourners present at the cemetery were shocked when the drunk touts took the coffin from the pall bearers and lowered it into the grave themselves.

They shouted obscenities with reckless abandon saying there was no need for a church service to be conducted for their colleague since he was a drunkard and did not belong to any church.

“Mourners were left shocked after visibly drunken touts stopped a pastor from conducting the church service. They wanted to bid him farewell by drinking beer and smoking indian hemp.

“They were shouting on top of their voices saying William was a drunkard who had told them that when he died no church service should be conducted at his funeral or burial as he did not subscribe to any Christian doctrines.

“While shouting and singing they took the coffin and lowered it into the grave and quickly buried it with soil,”  a witness told Zimbabwe`s IHarare news.


Source: faceofmalawi.com

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