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Dr Agnes Nwanma, meet the CEO of the popular Dr Agnes Nwanma Herbal Tooth Powder

About Dr. Agnes Nwanma Company

One of the most popular herbal medicine dealers in Nigeria is Dr. Agnes Nwanma company. The owner of the company, Dr Agnes Nwanma has grown to become a huge brand in the Southeastern part of Nigeria especially among people that patronize herbal remedies. Among the products that have made Dr. Agne Nwanma brand popular is the dental powdered mouth wash. A popular way of advertising this product is the use of loudspeakers on vehicles moving around streets in cities and villages in the region.

Dr. Agnes Nwanma

Who is Dr. Agnes Nwanma?

Dr Agnes Nwanma hails from Abia State, Nigeria. He is married to Mrs. Amarachi and their union is blessed with Children. Dr. Agnes Nwanma’s business empire includes a hotel which is also thriving. His dental powder is very popular among both users and non-users of the product largely due to the intrusive advertising approach which involves using vehicles to move across every corner of rural and urban areas, especially in South East Nigeria.

Dr. Agnes Nwanma Products

In addition to the popular dental powder, Dr. Agnes Nwanma also has another known product called Fast Action which claims to cure diverse ailments including malaria, typhoid, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Safety of Tooth Powder

Dental powder, also called tooth powder has been used as an oral health care product for centuries across the world. This could be an effective way to reduce plaque, control gum disease and whiten teeth but it comes with side effects which could be grave in the long run. Tooth powder may cause gum bleeding, gum recession, enamel damage, and tooth loss. This is why you need to be careful why using it. Toothpaste has a lot of studies proving its efficacy and safety but there is a scarcity of studies showing how safe dental powder can be.

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When you use tooth powder regularly it can cause enamel of your teeth to wear down. When the enamel of your teeth wears down too much, you risk exposing the underlying layer of your teeth – dentin – which is softer and more yellow than the overlying enamel.

The appeal of tooth powder is basically because some contain fewer, more natural ingredients. Dental powder is widely studied to eliminate toxins and this is one of its major advantages. It is also widely believed that tooth powder can cure tooth decay but this has not been scientifically proven.

Common ingredients include: Baking soda, Activated charcoal, Bentonite clay, Coarse sea salt, Essential oils, and Flavorings. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of tooth powder;

Pros: Tooth powder is likely an effective way at controlling plaque build-up; Less plaque build-up helps reduce gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis); The abrasiveness may help left surface stain and improve the white color of your teeth; Can be made at home, so you have more control over the ingredients; Can be made customizable depending on oral health needs and allergies.

Cons: There is very little scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of toothpowder; No tooth powder has received the ADA Seal of Acceptance; Too much abrasiveness can have harmful effects on your mouth; May cause negative effects, including bleeding, gum loss, enamel damage, and tooth loss; Many tooth powders do not contain fluoride.


Dental powder might have some advantages most of which look like short-run benefits but when you see the possible effects of regular use of this option you have to decide whether it is a better option or not. So when next you buy Dr. Agnes Nwanma dental powder just remember the pros and cons of using a tooth powder and decide whether you are making the right move or you’re making a desperate move just to buy a cheap product.

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