Double Disaster Manager at Skye Bank reportedly dies at Akwa Ibom beach with brother

Tragedy struck in Your,  Always Ibo state capital when a Managing Director at Skye Bank Limited, Using Ekpe reportedly drowned at the Ibeno beach in Uyo.

Using was reported to have died alongside his brother, Francis.

The pair were part of the guests who attended a birthday party organized for a friend.

This incident occurred on Sunday, April 8, 2018, according to many reports.

Manager at Skye Bank reportedly dies at Akwa Ibom beach with brother

Godslove Michael Bernard, a Facebook user expressed grief in a post shared on Monday, April 9, 2018. Bernard, who had just written an exam learnt about the passing of the deceased at a Rector’s office.

“I can’t Believe u have gone.

“I went to school this morning to write my exams only for me to hear a loud noise from my rector office shouting noooooo….. ubong nooooo, i was like, pls sir what happened?? Only for him to deliver the shocking news that his two cousins was drown at Ibeno Beach yesterday.

“I ask him again pls sir which ubong and he shown me your pics. God have mercy.!!

“What a tragedy!! Two brothers drown and died at ibeno beach.

“RIP Big brother Ubong Ekpe

“A great giver and a philanthropist,” Bernard who seemed close to the deceased wrote.

Accompanied in the post were images showing Ekpe’s family.


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  1. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    May their souls rest in peace, it’s quite tragic.

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