Monday , October 3 2022

“Don’t I look attractive?” Esther Uzodinma questions fans; demands to know why men aren’t approaching her (Video)

Nigerian actress and producer, Esther Uzodinma is seeking to know the reason why men are not approaching her for a relationship.

Taking to her Instagram page, she threw several questions at her followers in a quest to know if she isn’t beautiful and attractive enough for me.
“Am I not fine, am I not beautiful, Is it that guys don’t like light-skinned girls, is it my nose…? They are not approaching me oo, it’s not like.i am turning them down;” the Africa Magic TV series’ cast lamented in a video.
Meanwhile, while many of her followers acknowledged her beauty, some stirred controversies.
@Jerryc wrote: “Is your character alright? Examine this question ASAP.”
Watch Video Below:

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