Friday , December 1 2023

Dog Raising 3 Abandoned Tiger Cubs Amazes Internet (Video)

A video has surfaced online showing a Labrador dog taking care of three tiger cubs abandoned by their mother in a zoo.

The internet is amazed at the bond between the cubs and their foster mother.

The video has been shot in China and shows the tiger cubs playing around the dog. It also says that the mother of these cubs refused to feed them soon after birth.

Twitter users, many of them dog lovers, have poured their hearts out. “Labs are pure blessings,” tweeted a user.

“They love their new mom.. let them grow,” said an Instagram user. “Tiger and dog. Different species but love remains the same,” added another.

A female tiger abandoning its cubs is not something unheard of. There are many reasons, as listed by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in its Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) booklet for all tiger reserves.

Apart from the death of mother tiger, cubs are also abandoned if they are weak, incapacitated, injured or sick, according to NTA guidelines.


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