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Does Listening To Music While Studying Boost Productivity? See Proven Tips and Factual Answers

You may have heard people say they study better when they are listening to music. You might even be one of those who say so. But what you might not know is whether such people mean what they say or they are simply joking. Even if they actually listen to music while reading, the big question is does that really improve their productivity or negatively influence it? Here is an interesting piece on what listening to music while reading really does to productivity and probably the kind of music you should consider during study sessions. This fascinating piece written by Dan Anderson and first published on myaudiosound is what you need to read to understand all about listening to music and studying at the same time.


The Best Music for Study? Boost Productivity with These Proven Tips and Listens

Something that has always been quite fascinating is the fact that music is a universal language. No matter where we are from or what we speak, music is something we can all understand at its core.

Many people use music when they are trying to focus, and similarly, it is often used by students that are looking for a way to study effectively.
Personally, I always like to have background noise while I am working, and it was the same when I studied at university.

Sometimes it was the TV, other times my playlist, but it worked well for me. For those that enjoy listening to tunes while they work, there are quite a few benefits to the process. However, it should also be remembered that it is not a process that will work for everyone.

Interestingly, there are some types of music that will work better than others when boosting productivity, and so it might be worth adjusting your playlist accordingly – something that we will explore in more detail later on. So, what is the best music for studying?

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the tunes that are best for boosting your productivity, as well as some of our recommended listen

Part 1

Does Studying with Music Work or Boost Productivity?

Whether a student or a professional, you are likely to be studying something – either for upcoming exams or an important meeting at work. In many ways, we never stop studying or learning, and if anything, this makes the concept of whether listening to music while studying working an even more important one.

For years, the Mozart Effect and music while studying went hand in hand (a theory that we explore in detail in the next section), and over time it has broadened to feature new genres of music as the studies become more popular and widespread. In this section, we look at music as a whole to determine if the process really works.

The University of Wales undertook a study in 2011 to see how well students were able to complete homework while there was background sound or music. The students were given one of five different environments to work in – a silent one, steady state speech one (a single word/number being repeated), a changing state speech one (changing words/numbers), a liked music one, and a disliked music one.

The results found that the students in the silent and steady speech environments performed better on the test that came after their homework, while those that were in the other three environments (changing state speech, liked music, and disliked music) all performed worse. However, between the latter three, there were no differences in the test results – just that they performed worse than the former two.

What is interesting, however, is the fact that those who were listening to the music they liked did not find the process to be any more distracting than if they were to work in quiet conditions. They also enjoyed the experience a lot more. The test results were also found to vary in the last three environments, which shows that results can depend on individual people and their preferences as opposed to solely on the environment they study in.

There is also a difference between background music and ….

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  1. Music actually helps me when am reading though it makes me loose focus sometimes….I don’t know ,there is this calm feeling I get whenever i have my music on and book in front on me….funny right?

  2. Music really boosts productivity..sometimes.

  3. Music while reading, to me its two different things, can’t really read and understand while the music is on. Don’t really go down well with me.

  4. Okere favour udochi

    Music while reading doesn’t enter at all

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