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Does Coffee Make You Smarter? You Have To Read This!

So many people study late into the night in order to cover a lot of work. Some take coffee to keep awake while others take a nap in the afternoon to keep awake at night. But let’s briefly look at the use of coffee as a way of getting information to stick to your mind? Do you use coffee as your companion while reading? Do you think drinking coffee actually makes you smarter? You should read this interesting piece posted on

Does Coffee Make You Smarter?

Imagine this. Whether you are a student studying into the dead hours of the night or an office employee trying to concentrate on their work. Even a mom trying to sooth her child to bed, coffee has long been associated with achieving these tasks.

That perk of caffeine to give you the buzz you need to get you over the finishing line. What effect does it have on the body though? And can it actually make you smarter?

What Is Smart?

Intelligence can mean many different things to many people. A lot of people interpret it to be someone’s ability to remember the information that they have taken in.

The way people are tested in schools often isn’t their ability to think logically or critically, but to test them on what they remember from their lessons and their books. Whether intelligence should be tested as someone’s ability to remember a piece of information, or not, is a hotly debated topic.

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