Monday , October 3 2022

Doctors Find Whole Glass Stuck In Rectum Of Man After He ‘Accidentally Swallowed It’ (Photos)

How he ‘swallowed’ a whole glass is still a puzzle but what the X-ray revealed stunned health officials involved in the matter.

Doctors were left baffled after finding a whole glass inside the stomach of a 55-year-old man – who claims he swallowed the cup while drinking tea.

The patient was admitted to a hospital in Bihar, India, with constipation and severe abdominal pain.

He underwent an ultrasound and X-ray, in which doctors located a ‘serious disturbance’ in his intestines.

Much to their shock, that ‘disturbance’ turned out to be a whole glass.

Doctors tried to remove the glass from the rectum with an endoscopic procedure, but had no such luck; they had no choice but to operate on the man to finally remove it.

The embarrassed patient claims he simply swallowed the glass while drinking a cuppa, although doctors aren’t convinced due to the food pipe being too narrow for the object to pass through.

Dr Mahmudal Hasan, head of the team of operating doctors, said: “How the glass got inside the body of the said patient, it is still a mystery.”

Reports from the hospital state that the patient is currently stable after his curious mishap.




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