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Do you know that Coca Cola could be used to clean the toilet? (Videos)

Whether it works or not is what is still a raging argument. But there are several articles and videos claiming that coca cola could be used in cleaning the toilet sand such other surfaces. The truth is that coca cola could be used for other purposes aside enjoying it as a refreshing soda. One of those other purposes is removing stains from the toilet sink. For it to work you might need to adhere strictly to specific procedure but read the interesting piece below by Pop Sugar before doing the experiment yourself. There are three videos accompanying this article. The first two are claiming this procedure works while the last one says it’s fake. You might have to watch all three videos before drawing your conclusion.

Can Cola Really Clean Your Toilet?

If you have an unsightly toilet bowl you might need to read this article and apply the instructions strictly. Hard-water stains, lime, and minerals can leave your commode not looking so fresh — even after serious scrubbing. Does pouring a bit of a popular beverage in your toilet bowl really work? put it to the test to find out.

1. Start by giving your toilet bowl a quick scrub, and then pour a 16-ounce bottle of cola in the bowl. Let it sit for an hour.

2. Cola is acidic and contains phosphoric acid, which breaks down stains and buildup, leaving a sparkling clean toilet bowl. After another quick scrub and a flush, “we couldn’t believe how clean our commode was — no harsh chemicals or scrubbing involved”, reports

3. This cleaning method is safe to use as often as needed and can be finished with a spritz of your favorite air freshener for a really fabulously clean bathroom.


Another video says it is fake!

Well, the article and videos above claim using coca coal to clean the toilet works. But there are others who think it is all a sham. The video below shows the experiment being tried out without result though the people in this video did not scrub after adding coca cola. They did not follow the same procedure followed by those who claim it works. Watch the video and decide which perception to have about this issue of using coca cola to clean toilet, whether it works or not.


After reading this article above you could try the experiment to see whether it works. Some people have complained that the toilets used in the numerous examples online are not dirty enough. Well, just try it first with whatever kind of toilet and follow the instructions given before concluding whether it works or not. If it doesn’t work at least you would have confirmed it by yourself.



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