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Digital Kings! Top 10 Mass Comm COOU Graduates Excelling In Info-Tech and Cyber Dynamism

If you wish to be independent in this era of digital inter-connectivity, reach any of these guys. They graduated with B.Sc degrees in Mass Communication and decided to move with modern trends by dwelling in the cyber space. Each of them is excelling in one form of impressive engagement in information technology or online plaza of ideas. They graduated from the department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU). These guys are generation-next individuals who understand that today’s world is primarily digital and to excel you need to patiently find space online to carve out a classy, impressive life style offline. Let’s see who they are and what they’re doing.

Felix Igboanugo

Felix Igboanugo is popularly known as Ballack among his classmates and friends. He graduated from COUU in 2008. Felix is an IT Consultant. He owns an outfit called Citti computers based in Onitsha. After graduating from the field of communication, he received part time training in computer Engineering and gradually grew into an entrepreneur in the IT sector in the Southeast. Find out how Felix is successfully combining IT consultancy with government job which he also has.

Ugochukwu Ubah

Ugochukwu Emmanuel Ubah who is known worldwide as Wishy graduated from COOU in 2014. His passion for digital dynamism and innovativeness saw him moving into the blockchain business. Ugochukwu works Cryptoplus Certified (CPC), one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange firms in Lagos. He trades cryptocurrencies independently and has an eye on setting up his own massive cryptocurrency trading company. Presently, Ugochukwu is grounded in cryptocurrency business that he even organizes online and offline training for his pals. I advise those who know him to get in touch with him now before he floats his own blockchain-propelled e-business. Once this happens (and it won’t be long) he will definitely ‘blow’ out of reach of ‘normal’ friends.

Charles Okafor

Charles Okafor graduated from COOU in 2008. He was not the noisy type while in school but his escapades in the digital community stand him out among many graduates of Mass Communication. Charles is unique among his colleagues in that he specializes in blockchain journalism, with an instinctive aptitude for feature articles on emerging trends in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This is a highly technical aspect of writing which gives successful writers digital fame with remarkable financial rewards for hard work. If you want to understand more on this unique, emerging branch of writing, get in touch with Charles immediately. He is based in Lagos. He had traded cryptocurrency with astounding financial success before delving into the writing aspect of the crypto-world.

Ogechukwu Ndukuba

Popularly known as Biggy, Ogechukwu Ndukuba graduated in 2013 from COOU. While in school he was the best graphic designer around, earning some cool cash even as a student from his mastery of design dynamism. He also created blogs for a fee.Today, Biggy now runs his own company called Brandeon Creative. He is one of the best hands in the graphic design and wed development sector in Abuja. He is now into full time web designing and development, though he occasionally forays into cryptocurrency business.

Chizoba Ikenwa

You will surely like to meet this guy if you’re tired of working for someone else. Chizoba Ikenwa graduated from COOU in 2012. He is probably among the most successful social media operators that graduated from that University. While observing his National Youth Service Programme (NYSC), Chizoba decided to focus on developing his blog,, which he hatched while in school. He worked briefly for Daily Sun newspaper but resigned to concentrate on his blog. Today, he owns one of the highly ranked blogs in Nigeria with staggering returns in hard currency on a monthly basis. He now organizes online and offline training for interested clients on blogging, blog and website design, and most importantly, the secrets of getting your blog monetized. This guy is truly an inspiration to students and fresh graduates of his alma mater who now believe you can succeed in a rapidly changing online business community instead of looking for white collar job.

Best Okereke

Best Okereke’s story is not just stunning but inspirational. When you see him you might get deceived by his looks but note that his physical stature is a far cry from his standing in the digital world. Best is among the most successful dealers in the blockchain technology community in the entire Southeast region. He owns a registered company called Goodey Best Multi-Biz Limited. The company trades cryptocurrencies round-the-clock with staggering financial profits that cannot be mentioned where just two or three are gathered without a fourth person being a security man to ensure you don’t freak out and over-react when you hear the amount of money involved. Best graduated from COOU in 2017 where he was popular for his escapades in e-business, including successful blogging career and the infamous MMM ponzi scheme. He graduated and became serious with his quest to further explore the digital business world and became a pillar in the Bitcoin trading community. He has clients across Nigeria and organizes online and offline training on Bitcoin trading for interested clients. Best is truly the best in Bitcoin trading. Ask around and get convinced.

Vincent Okeke

At number one is Vincent Chidozie Okeke. He graduated from the Department of Mass Communication, COOU in 2009. He is an employer of labour based in Lagos, with a chain of internet-based businesses. He is the founder of Dovichi Services, a tech focused company and digital marketing solution/services provider ( He is the owner of the following internet brands: (a leading eLearning portal), (an integrated Digital Marketing Platform), (a technology services platform for mobile and web application development), (an e-commerce platform), (an e-commerce platform), among others. Vincent travels abroad as often as necessary for tech-based seminars and business meetings. He is also a consultant IT trainer; he has been engaged a number of times to organize IT training for staff of private and government owned establishments. Vincent owns a mega brand in the IT sector in Nigeria. He has featured on several occasions on Channels TV speaking on IT issues. He is always cyber-busy.

Uche Anisiuba

Also holding the joint number position is Uche Anisiuba, one of the top 5 best 3D animators in Nigeria.

Uche graduated from COOU in 2011. His journey into 3D animation began while in while in school, when he started nursing the idea of moving into the animation industry. He had a dream of becoming the best 3D animator in Nigeria. Uche started with Adobe Photoshop; he also learnt Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator as a basis for learning 3D. His journey to the top echelon of 3D animation in Nigeria started just after NYSC as he was recruited by Orange Vfx Studios after taking one of their crash courses. He then proceeded to work at Orange Vfx for about a year and half before he decided to get into a bit of game development and was recruited by Gamsole where he worked for about six months. Thirsty for knowledge Uche has also taken courses at Ianimate and is currently a co-founder at Quadron Studios. Uche organizes online and offline training on 3D animation.


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  1. Wow,I’m highly impressed by this, Ugochukwu Ubah (Wishy) back at COOU, was not only my roommate but was more of a blood brotherand I can testify that he is not only intelligent, Ugochukwu is a Star in the incubator

    I’m impressed by this, I wish other young graduates can emulate themy.

    Chinenye Nwabueze you are doing a great one

  2. Malachy Chukwunonso Onyema

    Eagles are really soaring high…

  3. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    I am so proud of them

  4. Comrade F.C.Ntomchukwu

    Great Eagles are soaring up n above others. I give God all the glory.COOU,Isalute u. U can decide to organize one day training at ur alma mater. Congratulations

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