Different Types of Public Relations Jobs You Could Do

Public Relations is one of the most sought-after branches of Mass Communication especially because of its glamorous nature. It is an exciting field which sees you always engaged in two-way friendly communication with an organization’s publics, effective relationship with the press, and constant scanning of the environment with a view to ensuring proactive information management. So what are the kind of jobs you could do within the sub-discipline of public relations? Much as this is a versatile discipline, there are specific jobs you could take up as a public relations person. If you’re looking to carve out a good career in public relations you should read this article. Let’s look the most common types of public relations jobs you could do in the public relations unit especially in contemporary times.


This is the role people think of when they think of a PR professional. Based either an agency or on an in-house team, publicists work directly with clients to help develop and execute their brand strategy. These people are also responsible for coming up with publicity campaigns and identifying the best ways for clients to promote their brands to the press and to their customers. Many publicists also work with celebrities to promote their personal brands and professional projects.


This is an important public relations role. The copywriter is responsible for writing publicity and marketing materials on behalf of clients. This could be part of an agency or in-house team. It can include everything from press releases to blog posts and is usually done in accordance with a public relations strategy created by the PR team. In addition to writing different types of copy, copywriters are also responsible for maintaining a consistent brand voice and identity across multiple channels at the same time.

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PR specialist

The PR specialist is the first point of contact for media outlets. He is responsible for generating positive press coverage for clients by developing relationships with journalists and coming up with relevant story pitches. In order for these pitches to be successful, they have to serve two functions: 1) They need to resonate with journalists by being newsworthy items and 2) They need to represent the client in a positive light.

Social media manager

This is a crucial role in this internet age. A social media manager is another potential role on a public relations team. This position can be based either at an agency (working on multiple client accounts) or an in-house team (managing the social channels of a particular company). The social media manager works to promote the brand on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is social media manager is responsible for creating engaging content, interacting with the brand’s community and measuring the success of various campaigns. He reacts to comments from various publics of the organization which are posted on the social media platform of the organization. This includes reactions on other platforms where issues concerning the organization are mentioned.


The spokesperson is the face of the brand or the organization. He is responsible for making statements on behalf of the company. This role is generally part of an in-house communications or PR team and is tasked with handling interview requests, making TV appearances and responding to any criticism the company might face.

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Public relations is an exciting profession that offers a lot for those intending to pursue a career in this field. There are several other roles you could find yourself pplaying as a public relations person but these are among the common ones you could take up in an in-house PR unit or PR agency.



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