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Difference between vlogs and video podcasts

Technological advancement has made the internet a hub for creative minds to unleash very interesting and captivating contents. As a disruptive technology the Internet is reshaping the society and changing people’s approach to life while introducing new ways to organize production and distribution. Among the ways people use the internet to provide useful content and impact lives are Vlogging and Video Podcasting, two concepts we want to quickly explain.

These are currently among the most popular online strategies for reaching vast audience members across the world. Content creators use these two strategies to boost visibility of their messages and make people gradually embrace visual culture. So what is the difference between a vlog and a video podcast? There is no huge difference between the two concepts because they both involve the use of video and audio to pass messages across. A thin line divides them though. Let’s see that from the meaning of the two concepts.


Vlog is the short way of referring to a video blog or video log. It is kind of blog which combines video and audio in passing a message across to viewers. It is also a of web television. Vlogs often combine video, text, images, and other features to create interesting contents for audience consumption. Vlog is derived from the terms ‘video’ and log’. A log is a shooting feature found in some digital video cameras which facilitates production of quality contents. So that term ‘log’ was combined with video to come up with the concept – vlog. Someone who uses vlogs to disseminate information regularly is called a vlogger. The process of using vlogs to disseminate information on a subject area, diverse topics or issues is called vlogging.

A vlog is generally seen a long video describing a particular situation or a kind of diary providing information on a person’s daily life. This means that a vlog is actually a blog but in this case the postings are primarily in video form. You find numerous vlogs on YouTube. Some people vlog on a specific subject area while others vlog on a wide range of issues. It depends on what you want to focus on and the segment of audience you want your content to appeal to.

Vlogging is basically a visual form of blogging. While in blogging you post text-based content, in vlogging you record and upload a video. People vlog on all sorts of topics, but it is always advised that you select a unique topic and focus your vlog on that. You can easily create a YouTube channel for your vlog. With time your contents will begin to draw huge traffic if they are very interesting and informative. Vlogs are often short videos because people usually pay very short attention to Internet contents, especially videos. It is always better to make the videos as short as 10 minutes or thereabout, though with a few exceptions.

There are so many vloggers in Nigeria who vlog for a living. You can also decide to be a vlogger today but you have to be sure of a unique topic or issue area you want to focus on so as to excel in this area.

Video Podcast

A video podcast is also called vodcast. So podcasting is used interchangeably with vodcasting, both derived from a combination of two words – video and podcast. A podcast is an audio-only presentation of serialized contents online which a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. When a podcast is combined with visual content it becomes a vodcast or video podcast. Someone who uses vodcasts to disseminate information regularly is called a vodcaster or video podcaster. The process of using vodcasts to disseminate information on a subject area or topic is called vodcasting or video podcasting. This is also common among Nigerians as many content creators use this to teach audience or a wide range of subjects.

Any difference?

A video podcast has a video support and generally looks like a normal video with a voice over. It is primarily disseminating information on a specific subject area, more like teaching something. The thing is that some vlogs also adopt this approach in presentation of contents; that is why it is difficult to see a difference between vlogging and podcasting. But video podcasts are much more informative and convey messages in a tone that is different from most vlogs. Again, vlogging seems to have more free-style exciting approach while video podcasting looks more academic and straight-forward in presentation of messages.

A Vlog could be described as a diary of events which a content creator uses to provide regular updates (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) on happening in his or her life, work, or else. It could also be a diary of events in the society. A video podcast often adopts a more straight-forward presentation of serialized information on specific topic or subject area, though some vodcasters expand the area they cover.

It is important to note that there is no huge difference exists between vlogging and vodcasting, and often the terms are used interchangeably. However, vodcasting is less personal. Here the content creator could be focusing primarily about a subject area and not on personal experiences and such events as done in vlogging. Just like vlogs, you can make a vodcast recording on your smartphone and upload it to YouTube. It is easy to become a video podcaster once you have the right idea and determination to see it through.

Difficult to differentiate between the two concepts, you might say. At least you now know what the two concepts represent and which one you could start off with if you y essential wish to explore the use of videos in disseminating information online.


Keeping pace with evolving communication technology is very essential and beneficial. Vlogging and video podcasting provide you with opportunity to impact the society in unique ways, especially if you understand how to use these two channels effectively. These platforms will help leverage on the role of communication technology in generating, organising and disseminating useful information which will make you a relevant personality in the society. Don’t forget that today all communicating entities to employ some form of technology because it comes in handy in facilitating a smooth transfer of information. This is why you need to consider using vlogs or video podcasts in reaching out to diverse audience across the world.


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