Saturday , May 28 2022

Deadly Wife! Woman Serves And Kills Husband And 12 Relatives With Poisoned Yoghurt

A Pakistani woman, Asiya Bibi, who was forced into an arranged marriage by her family in September, has served and killed her husband and 12 of his relatives with a poisoned yoghurt drink.

A Senior Police Officer, Owais Ahmad, told reporters in central Pakistan’s Muzaffargarh district on Monday that the woman has been arrested and charged with murder along with her alleged lover.

Police said the woman mixed poison into her husband’s milk last week but he initially failed to drink it and it was instead blended into a batch of yoghurt-based lassi and served to the man’s family.

According to him, thirteen people have so far died, including the husband, while a further 14 have been hospitalised.

“Police have arrested Asiya Bibi, a man and his aunt for being accomplices and charged them with murder,” Ahmad said.

He said the man was allegedly Bibi’s lover and that his aunt helped hatch the murder plot.

Forced and under-age marriages are common in deeply conservative Pakistan, particularly in rural and impoverished regions, where women have fought for their rights for decades.


Source – AFP

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  1. Nawa ooo

    The world with different people

    Quiz number 104

  2. This is what happens when parents force decisions on their children. Still there is no excuse for the woman’s action. she should be punished accordingly. (110)

  3. this woman is devilish, she should be punished
    quiz no:115

  4. what a wicked wife, she is so deadly

    quiz number: 111

  5. This is unbelievable;The woman is surely a devil’s incarnate.

    Quiz no:18

  6. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    This is unbelievable, but she really did it, this woman is soo wicked. Quiz no 100.

  7. The man got what he deserved because nobody like forced marriage not to talk more of a marriage with no love.
    quiz no 88.

  8. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    I won’t blame her…she was forced into that family and probably she couldn’t bare it anymore and the only option was to take their lives

    Quiz no 77

  9. This is terrible,how can a woman kill this number of persons,she is very heartless.
    Quiz no:89

  10. Incredible!!!,she should not go unpunished at all.106

  11. This woman need to be punished well because she is wicked and heartless
    Quiz no 5

  12. Quiz no 13
    Humans are so unpredictable

  13. Quiz no 16
    Hope she gained what she was looking for

  14. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    What a world. Because they forced her into marriage is not enough reason for her to kill anybody.
    Quiz no 131.

  15. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    What a world. Because they forced her into marriage is not enough reason for her to kill anybody, and is no t even 1 but 14. Nawa o
    Quiz no 131.

  16. What a heartless fellow…..109

  17. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Humans! This woman is evil and should be dealt with according to the law
    Quiz number —083

  18. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    some people are just too evil that lady is heartless and wicked!!
    quiz no 131

  19. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    such a wicked heart.. wickedness can make you reach an extent you wouldn’t even know.. the woman deserves to pay for what she has done

  20. Wicked soul

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