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Cynthia Ukamu, COOU Mass Comm. Graduate Ranked Among Top Bloggers In South Africa

If you know Cynthia very well you might not be stunned by this achievement. This is because she had always exhibited exceptional intelligence while in school, at both secondary and tertiary education levels. But anyone who is familiar with the highly competitive nature of the blogosphere would definitely understand what it means for a blog owned by an upcoming blogger to be ranked impressively beyond Nigeria. We are talking about South Africa, one the top nations in the continent with the best media landscape and most informed audiences. That is where Cynthia Ukamu is conquering territories in the blogosphere with her exceptionally impressive blog,

Cynthia graduated from the Department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2014 after which she observed the media landscape before deciding to go into blogging. Unlike others who just jump into blogging because they have a smartphone, Cynthia took her time to study the blogosphere She paid close attention to the blogging community and discovered areas that had been saturated with a lot of market leaders before, deciding late last year to focus on a unique area. She started a blog that primarily dwells on analysis of emerging trends on Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife, three stations that so many people across the World almost ‘worship’ as a religion. What a smart move that was. She then kick-started the blog official early this year and within a short while she broke through. The uniqueness of her blog facilitated it’s quick monetization with an approved Google Adsense.

TrippleMonline provides up-to-date analysis of very interesting programmes on Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife, with other entertainment and inspirational stories occasionally posted. The blog also has a book section where readers are kept in touch with latest inspirational and interesting books in the market. The depth and up-to-date analysis of Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife channels endeared the blog to South African audiences, leading to impressive ranking of TrippleMonline by reputable website ranking platforms as among the top blogs in India and South Africa. Any serious blogger will tell you what it means to have your blog ranked among the first 25,000 within just three months of operations, in a nation with over one million active blogs. She is also impressively ranked in Malawi, Zambia and Mauritius due to the existence of numerous Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife viewers in those nations most whom rely on her blog for up-to-date analysis on interesting programmes.

Cynthia’s blog is highly ranked in Nigeria but what impresses the most is how within a short while, her blog has received impressive ranking in South Africa, India and Malawi. The answer is uniqueness and commitment. This is what Cynthia said in an exclusive interview with massmediang; “I looked at most blogs and saw that breaking news was a trending area most people were going into. I considered that area initially especially focusing on entertainment news but I realized that there were market leaders there already that maybe difficult to compete with. I then decided to go into something unique. That’s when Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife came to my mind.”

One of the top bloggers in Nigeria that graduated from COOU is Chizoba Ikenwa, founder of Chizoba has taken a close look at TrippleMonline and described the blog as exceptional. “Wow! This is wonderful. I think google loves this blog and that is why this lady will definitely go far in this business,” he told massmediang in an exclusive interview.

The good thing is that Cynthia offers training on how rookies can start impressive blogs and excel within a short while. She provides online and offline quick seminars on how to start a unique blog. This is an opportunity for anyone wishing to excel in this field to have the most basic knowledge from the professional herself.

If you love Telemundo, Zee World or Starlife programmes, you should subscribe to TrippleMonline for up-to-the-minute information and cutting edge analysis on interesting programmes aired on these channels.


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