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Current Print Media Studies

These are some current studies on the print media you can get from free access journals. This is a quick guide for researchers working on print media and related topics. Just click on the link below each abstract and see the work in the originating journal.


Content and Representation in Diaspora Media: A Study of Metro Éireann Newspaper in Ireland

Adeyemi Obalanlege, Kola Adesina, Anthony Orebiyi



This study seeks to explore content of ethnic media in the lives of their audiences. In recent years there has been an increase in African ethnic media publications in Western Europe as an alternative to mainstream media. Yet relatively little is known about the content and role of these ethnic media in the articulation and re-articulation of collective identities. Academic assertions in this area remain theoretical. Very few studies have empirically investigated the content of these media. For instance, how diaspora media represent African ethnic minorities and how do these representations differ from those of mainstream media?A number of issues have thus remained under-explored, such as the extent to which ethnic media (re)construct the identities of the community they serve. Studies of the content of these media can help to identify and proffers solution to these challenges. At the same time, relatively little is known about representation of various groups in these media. This study identifies and examines these issues through a content analysis of ethnic African newspaper, Metro Éireann in Ireland. To this end, a quantitative and qualitative content analysis is combined in this study. The main research findings concern issues around representation. Metro Éireann tends to be objective in the representation of the ethnic minority and the majority. However, the newspaper gives more prominence to the ethnic minority in terms of celebrating their achievements. In most cases it relies on the views of ordinary sources without featuring those of elite sources.

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Truth at Whatever Cost: The Day of Empire Is Gone: Press Censorship in Nigeria during the Second World War

Emmanuel Nwafor MORDI



Press censorship in Nigeria, Britain’s largest black African colony, during the Second World War was investigated, against the background of spontaneous support of colonial Nigerians for the exertions of the imperial power to defeat Nazism and make the world free for democracy and associated freedoms. Adopting the historical method of description and analysis of relevant archival and secondary sources, the study concludes that the rabid intolerance of criticism which the imposition of press censorship regulations foreboded in wartime Nigeria largely ended as a paper tiger.  The press successfully circumvented the regulations due to the loopholes inherent in them, the palpable support of the newspaper publishers for Allied victory, and the liberal disposition of the Colonial Office, until late 1945 when the colonial state enforced full press censorship on the Zik Press.

Keywords: Media History, Colonial Nigeria, Press Censorship, Second World War, British Imperialism



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