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Crime! Four Okopoly Students Arrested Over Missing Android Phone

Four students of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra state were on Monday 30th of October 2017 arrested and handcuffed by operatives of SARS Ekwulobia division over a missing android phone.
According to an eye witness, an android mobile device belonging to a female student was stolen from her room on Sunday 29th of October 2017 whilst she was at the church. She threatened her neighbours to take action by Monday if her phone wasn’t returned. Yesterday she reported the case to the SARS office and four of her neighbours were arrested and hand cuffed by men of the Special Armed Robbery squad, Ekwulobia division Anambra state.

Reacting to the development, the President of the lodge, Comrade, Nwabunna frowned at the action of the girl whose phone was stolen saying that the case had already been reported to the school’s anti cult who have absolute jurisdiction on the matter.
He added that the Student’s union government has also been notified about the arrest. The four students are still in the custody. And the entire polytechnic students are waiting to hear the final outcome of the story.

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  1. Hmmm… just for a phone? she should have let the anti cult handle it….anyway who knows her reasons.
    quiz no: 3

  2. This is serious.. Nawa ooo

    Quiz number 104

  3. Nawoohh,I know by now that they will be regretting their action.
    Quiz no 5

  4. The girl’s action was too forward, since the case had been reported to the school’s anti-cult, she should have been patient even though I understand her plight. This is a case of inference. I hope she finds the culprit and also gets her phone as soon as possible.
    Quiz no:98

  5. She will get her phone back as long as SARS is concerned.
    Quiz number 4

  6. The girl’s action was too forward. She should have been patient since the case had been reported to the school’s anti cult though I understand her plight. This is a case of Inference. I hope she finds the culprit and she gets her phone as soon as possible.
    Quiz no:98

  7. They should investigate more before taking any further decision…
    quiz no 107

  8. They should be a proper investigation on the issue before taking any step.106

  9. It is a relief that something is being done about the situation. It is disappointing to hear what students take to these days.

  10. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    It’s a good thing this matter was looked into… Since the school’s anti cult has refused to take action she went farther to SARS… I wish I can give her a handshake for a job well-done… We shouldn’t be keeping quiet over theft

    Quiz no 77

  11. Incredible, just because of an android phone?
    quiz no:115

  12. Quiz no 13
    If they are called about and ongoing Robbery they won’t come but naa this one them Sabi do well

  13. Those arrested should be set free if not guilty of the offence and retained if in any way found guilty of the offence.
    Quiz no:89

  14. she took a very drastic step towards the stolen phone,

  15. Amene Chidera Doris

    Nawaooh!! Because of phone

  16. The Lady should had waited for the school security to handle the case before reporting to the police. quiz no 88.

  17. Obika Juliet Ogechi

    She would have at least exercised patient instead of taking laws into her hands.
    Quiz no 30

  18. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Proper investigation should be done since the SARS are involved Quiz no 100.

  19. arrested for just stealing wow that’s kind of bad though

  20. This is serious.Proper investigation should be carried out to ensure that the innocent ones are not involved in the case.

    Quiz No:18

  21. Quiz no 16
    They are just suspects and been treated like that

  22. Her actions where to quick just for her phone she involved the special anti robbery squad (SARS) she should have reported to school authorities first then if their lazy about then she can move forward if involving SARS quiz num 34

  23. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    she should have allowed the school anti-cult to handle the issue.
    Quiz no 131

  24. Corruption in our society is terrible but thanks for the securities intervention

  25. she is too fast after all she is the one that reported it to anti cult in the first place. quiz 72

  26. This news is very terribly
    Quiz no: 35

  27. she just concluded so fast
    quiz no 113

  28. Dat skul z sumtin else , criminals everywhere

  29. Cases like this are done calmly…109

  30. she acted so fast
    quiz no 113

  31. The world has no suprises left.
    Quiz No 54

  32. Enujekwute paschal Nnaemeka

    this is serious,but for a phone?

  33. She acted so fast
    quiz no 124

  34. Hmm no joy.!!for her to call SARS just for a phone I guess by now d victims will b regretting there action quiz no 23

  35. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is serious oo thorough investigation should be conducted concerning this, she will get her phone back as long as SARS is concerned
    Quiz number —083

  36. Okonkwo Isioma Jane

    Na she sabi sha. But honestly she went too far. Let us all wait and see the outcome of this drama.

    Quiz no:84

  37. The girl should have waited for the school anti cult to handle the situation before bringing in external bodies into the matter.quiz no 126


    My chest is doing somehow
    SARS!!!!??????? It is well with their souls. TORTURE FROM SARS ALONE

    QUIZ NO:133

  39. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    what is phone kwa nawa oo!
    quiz no 131

  40. The question isn’t why she involved the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, the question is “why those particular four boys”?

    Quiz no: 102

  41. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    people can go to any length to bring back their stolen stuff.. do not underestimate a desperate person

  42. The girl was in a rush though she had her reasons. Their should be a proper investigation but any further actions
    Quiz no: 26

  43. Is really unbearable when you realise that some people with dead conscience are specialists in stealing others properties.
    quiz no 135

  44. Arinze obiageli .p.

    Quiz no: 74
    umunwanyi Na their paraba dey plenty pass. Imagine! Mtcheeew. If na so wey everybody wey dey lose emm phone dey act, majority of people for don dey prison na

  45. Lol I swear dis country tire me

  46. chai!!! she went too far, just because of a phone four guyz were arrested, even the innocent ones
    quiz no:73

  47. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    All in the name of Android phone
    quiz no… 78

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