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Creative, Sexist or Unethical? What Is Your Take On This Bill Board Advert?

There is a raging argument among students in a creative advert class regarding the content of this giant bill board advert located in different parts of the Southeast, especially in major cities.

The advert is on Amstel Malta brand. It shows some cute ladies who are famous or excelling in their various endeavours posing nicely in a shoot. You can see the faces of very popular Super Falcons football team members on the advert. The bill board has a short sentence “We’ve got balls” which seems to be what the ladies are saying, or that is what the advert wants to portray.

The argument on one side is that this is very creative as the girls are saying they have “balls” which is a way of saying they are brave and dogged.

Another angle to the argument is saying that this is a bit unethical since the girls seem to be claiming they have “balls” when they are not actually men.

One other angle says the advertisement is too sexist and it dehumanizes women by saying some of the ladies look like men so they are right by saying “we’ve got balls”. This school of thought argues that the statement has nothing to do with the advertised Amstel malta brand, so the girls are indirectly being trolled as females who look like men.

What is your take on this advert?

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