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Creative Fashion? See New Half Jacket Which Costs Half A Million Naira

Wouldn’t you love to be among the first to try out this creative Half Blazer produced by one the top French designers, Ben Taverniti? This is looking “cute” especially based on the fact that what the Half Jacket has lost in fabrics was accommodated in the price which is $1,450 (about N500,000). Checkout this story below;

You Can Now Spend $1,450 On Half A Jacket

Unravel Project, a non-conformist luxury fashion brand created by French designer Ben Taverniti, is taking the ‘less is more’ concept to a whole new level with a deconstructed blazer that consists of half an actual blazer. Luckily, what this intriguing garments lacks in fabric, it more than makes up in price, costing a whopping $1,450.

The term ‘deconstructed blazer’ isn’t exactly new in the world of fashion, it was just never used to describe half a blazer. Instead, the term suggests peeling layers off the construction of a regular blazer, like the canvas interlining that gives it that characteristic stiffness or the shoulder pads, so that the sleeves fall naturally. But Unravel Project decided to give the term a more literal meaning, by just doing away with half the blazer.


Photo: Net-a-Porter

Officially called a “deconstructed satin-trimmed silk and cotton-blend twill blazer” the unusual garment consists of a regular blazer sliced in half, with the missing side replaced by just a loose lapel and straps to keep it from falling off.


Photo: Net-a-Porter

Does Unravel sell left and right shoulder variants, giving people the option to reconstruct the blazer for “only” $2,900? I have no idea, but that would just beat the whole purpose, wouldn’t it? Instead, the people at Net-a-Porter, one of the online fashion stores selling the deconstructed blazer, recommend wearing just one over camisoles, bodysuits or a simple lace bra.

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