Covid-19: First Batch of Free Bags of Rice for the Elderly In Anambra Arrives, see how they will be shared

The first batch of free bags of rice to be distributed to elderly people in Anambra State has arrived.

The State governor, Willie Obiano had promised a few days ago to share free bags of rice to every Anambrarian from 70 years and above as part of a jumbo stimulus package aimed at alleviating the difficulties with the 14-Days “Stay at Home” order.

Distribution will begin on Wednesday, April 1.
The distribution pattern is simple:
1. The Presidents-General of the 177 towns in the State will collect and submit the list of anyone up to 70 years of age; to the Ministry of Local Government
2. The Government will release corresponding quantity of bags of Anambra Rice to the town
3. The town will shared the bags of rice to the persons on the list while observing all the recommended practices to avoid the spread of Coronavirus

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Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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