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Covenant University Suspends 200 Students for Missing Easter Programme

Bishop Oyedepo

Uneasy calm is palpable at the Covenant University Otah, Ogun State over the recent suspension of about 200 students for missing the Easter ‘Youth Alive’ programme organised by the institution.

Recall that the institution is owned by Winners Chapel Church and the management runs activities in the University strictly on moral grounds.

But this recent development seems not to have gone down well with some students and parents of the affected students who have expressed displeasure over the development describing it as unjust. Some of the students reportedly said that the rules of their admission did not stipulate that they must attend programmes of any church. It was gathered that some students were suspended for four weeks for missing two or three services while those who missed eight services for up to four days were sent home for a year. It was further gathered that the students said they were preparing for their exams and could not be attending the programme daily. This decision allegedly angered the Vice Chancellor who then ordered that the penalties be meted out on the students.

This is the most trending story in the educational sector. Do you think that this measure should be extended to your own school (students being suspended for not attending church service or evening fellowship)? Some people believe that this could be the solution to the alleged rising immorality and vices in higher institutions.


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  1. Imagine,which measure extended to which school.Abeg make d measure dey where e dey o till I graduate. inshort no come atal.
    Dis is really just uncalled for how can dey do such,wen its not even made mandatory on d school admission rules to always attend church programmes. Na by force to go dia church programme.Na wa o

  2. It is not funny at all how could a student be suspended for not attending a church service, besides according to the students report there is no such law in the school rules and regulations, it is unconstitutional and abnormal for Nigerian constitution gives every individual the right to attend any religion of his choice, so Nigerian institutions should apply such law and give students the freedom they deserve. A higher institution is a place where students acquire knowledge and not a place of worship. The school authority should dispel such rule and allow the students to write their exams.

  3. Maybe that’s the rule guiding the school

  4. This is uncalled for ,hence it was not stipulated in their admission letter.personally l believe in the good influence the church programs will have in the youths,but not to suspend a student for one whole yr for not attending such program. Where is the Love of Jesus Christ for crying out loud

  5. I think Force in worship does not yield any fruit.willingness especially among the youth brings tremendous report.but all the same,those in authority must be obeyed

  6. Ukaegbu callistus

    This is an injustice, school is a place to acquire knowledge not a place of worship,even as religious groups in school aids the students morally but religious worship is not mandatory, Assuming the students’interest is to be morally educated they would have gone to missionary university like bigard enugu….

  7. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    You don’t force people to attend church…it’s totally wrong
    What if I decide to be a pagan?
    Going to church doesn’t mean you are too righteous
    Just saying!(86)

  8. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Personally,I think such rule can only be put in place to reduce the immorality in higher institution of learning,in line with an amended constitution. But the Constitution has it,every citizen has the freedom and right to worship in any religious institution. The school authority to revoke the penalty ,because like the report says,such rules isn’t in the rule for admission.

  9. students cannot be forced to come to church,because not all are redeem worshippers

  10. It is seriously not wise to have suspended those students because if I can recall religion is a thing of choice not by force,and more over there I’d time for everything…”Give to ceaser what belongs to him and to God what belongs to him (1)

  11. Okonkwo chukwu nonso (Q3) 201645090

    That measure should be take by school authority because most of our campus have become a place of sodom if this measure can bring moral to many of our institution today what can save our school is only God , the devil is tried to caught us youth so we all need chirst in our life

  12. Hmm, ah don’t think it should be brought to that extent ohh because mostly students gets stress out and tired of certain things so I don’t think it should be brought to my school
    Quiz number :18
    Reg number :2016054049
    Group number :15 A

  13. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    Although the university runs strictly on moral grounds,the punishment given to the students involved is harsh.Its a school. Yes,we also learn morals and characters but we also have freedom to practice any religion even though it’s a Christian school
    Quiz no:22
    Reg no; 2016054002
    Group no:15

  14. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    Z not a must that someone will attend Sunday service, so I can see that as the rule guiding the school
    Quiz no 17
    Group 15
    Reg no 2016054092

  15. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    suspending the students for not attending a church program is wrong.. everybody has the right to worship in any church of their choice

    Group 15A

  16. As students being fully aware of the rules and regulations, One should adhere to them (strictly). This is because every society has a rule which should be obeyed,they were suspended because they were found guilty of an offense which they knew had consequences.But the institution should not forget/neglect the rights of the students concerning choice of worship.
    Group 15A
    Quiz number:20

  17. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    hmmmm…..he was really hard on them buh stundens should learn to obey school rules and regulation.
    group no:15A
    quiz no:31

  18. Since its the rules and regulations of the university, student should have gone for d Easter programme and not to miss any because thats what is required of them

  19. Suspending the students is a very bad choice.

    Going to the school programs is by choice not by force.

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