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Course Outline (Global Communication and ICTs)

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University



2016/2017 Academic Session


Faculty: Social Sciences                                       Department: Mass Communication

Course Code: MAC 744                                      Unit(s): 2             Semester: Second

Course Title: Global Communication and ICTs

Lecturer: Dr. Chinenye Nwabueze              Programme: PGD



This course is designed to train students to have an in-depth understanding of global communication concepts, process and implications to contemporary society. It provides analysis of the global news flow in relation to the direction of information flow between and among industrialized and third world countries. It further explains the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and global communication process, the fusion between ICTs, global communication and globalization.



By the end of this course, students will have learned:

  1. Basic concepts global communication and ICTs;
  2. The fusion between global communication process and ICTs;
  3. Analysis of global news flow between and among industrialized and Third         world countries;
  4. The relationship between global communication and globalization;
  5. Basic understanding of the NWICO debate and its relationship to ICTs and globalization.
  6. Analysis of trending issues in global communication and ICTs in contemporary society.


  1. Lectures
  2. Indoor Quizzes
  3. Outdoor Quizzes (Assignments)
  4. Practical Classroom Sessions


  1. Introduction

Definition of concepts


Global communication


Origin of Global communication


  1. ICTs and Global communication

Process of Global communication

Geographic space, Geographic experience and Geography of flow

Global information flow

Fusion between ICTs and Global Communication

ICTs and Global communication channels

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  1. Global communication, Globalization and contemporary society

The concept of global village

Global communication and globalization

Implications of global communication to contemporary society


  1. Globalization of the media and the NWICO debate

Origin of NWICO debate

DBS and NWICO Agitation

Global communication and the NWICO Debate

Addressing the DBS challenges in Developing Nations



Dominick, J. (2012). Dynamics of mass communication (12th Revised Edition).

Boston: McGraw-Hill.

Nwabueze, C. (2014). Introduction to mass communication: Media ecology in the

global village. Owerri: Topshelve .


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